Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello all,hope you had a great Mom's Day.  I am happy to say that my best gift came with the notice that the goverment is going forward with support on Alzheimer's. 2025 is the goal for finding more ways to slow diagnos and maybe halt the rise of those who face this form of dementia. So for those of you out with this concern,Look at  the Alzheimer's Org. they have tons of info on the plan and the goal for 2025.

Time to show you a piece I just finished. I love green,and this dresser talked to me,saying I want a sageee green with the top refinished to my rich oak patina. My drawers are tough,so line them in a happy soft.color I think a happy morning aqua,and line them so no splinter will catch on fine fabrics. Ready for a new home.
This is painted in ASCP chateau grey, a wonderful shade of green,I sanded for  a distressed  effect and to show off
the wonderful Oak patina. The drawers inside we're painted in a mix of provence, chateau grey and a touch of paris gray.
Then I lined each drawer with embossed wall paper in a tin look and hit it with a brush effect of the paint.

I sanded the top and cleaned up all the scratched in  names and  sloppy paint effect. Then  I gave it a  drink of  stain in  dark oak. I also left the decorative trim in the natural oak along with the section between drawers. I have to be honest.I did this too fast because the detail is so much better and the color is also more intense....I need to make a spot in my house for pictures...so much sunlight in my living room and too much clutter. So please bear with me as I learn. 

So now time to get on with the next dresser I picked up...I like finding pieces that can be used in today's world. I look for furniture now, I have a dresser and a desk to finish and then I will show you those.
If you like to just get to it,and start working with mini prep then this is my Hint to you.
ASCP works so well for someone like myself  who is learning as I go.I hate prep work so this is a great item.

My Big New's! for this upcoming month is the roll out of a New and Improved Blog. I want to look like I'm not such a newbie in Blogland. So  after purchase of Karen Valentine's Blog Book  I have enlisted Karen to work on my Blog and give it "Unique Look all my own"  So once the new look rolls out,I I will post comments on your Blogs...Looking for comments to make my blog more successful...Thanks in advance for any comments.