Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paint -paint-Paint O to the Rescue!!!

Seriously what would you do with this mess, I mean really? a little chest that someone had done up as a little boys dresser with Dino sorry tracks. 2 drawers really fit nicely but one flat does not...and an extra front...as if their was one missing and a drawer from something else....Really now what can I do. I have always had this Persistence trait...a Boss I had once said you just do not give up, Nope we can.........and this case make it Pretty,or at least usable. So Lets get a little paint and imagination and see what we can do with Dino, HMMMMMMM

OK I made it in to a what ever you want dresser...especially with a college student in mind...A little of this and a little of that, wha laaa . A dresser for a little big  of this and that....

OK the drawer that would not fit,this is what I did, Put your sunglasses on today was a Texas August hot day. The inside of the area I used some cool damask's paper and Mod Podge....then I cut a piece of pressed wood to fit. Then you find some material you have...let's save money. I had done a chair with this graphic and I had some left....so I wrapped the cut piece with this fabric and stapled...then slid it into place. The whole body of the little dresser was painted first with ASCP old white, then a Glidden paint in a deep eggplant. Looks black and deep shade of purple. I used ASCP dark wax over the whole piece,causing a deeper tone. Hey it covered the Dinosaurs. 

Ok I spotted a little tear,on the paper in the corner....oops this was fixed and all the paper was given another coat of Mod Podge. Now you see TX on this side...lets look look at the whole piece.

 I used the Subway Art idea, a little funkier then my last attempt...but kinda College fun. Central Texas where we live has several Colleges. We sit on I35 you want a crazy ride. Drive Waco through Temple past Belton, through Georgetown,then Round Rock and Austin city limits....some times 2 hours some times.....4 just depends on the traffic....some day the I35 will be done in this area...until then, It can be a wild ride.. 
 The drawer that did not fit, is now a shelf. You can hang on the wall or set on the dresser. The interior is a chalkboard. I had a old leather cell case, now this holds chalk...Little frame for pretty and can tuck a pic inside. ASCP paints on leather really well. Plus able to write on the paint too. 
The drawers I lined with wallpaper on the bottom. I used the embossed paper.  The shelf unit is great with these little caddies. IKEA yes, I had these and thought a perfect fit. So I used some of the scrap book paper in the insert. I had some fun peal and stick to mark for stuff. Then one of then I did for jewelry and tossed a few pieces of old hippie look costume jewelry inside. 

So what will the buyer of this get, A couple of drawers for their stuff,  a shelf with caddies for small stuff...a shelf to write notes in that can be used as a shelf for books..some fun jewelry...I put feet on this so it sits up a little and the bottom shows off better...

The purple Lantana is in bloom....one plant the deer will not eat...

So I think paint came to the rescue and this is a fun little piece,that will be perfect in a teen room, a college dorm and very useful too. COMPARE to the top  picture what do you think. A little of this and little of that....and whaa La
we have a make over and Dino is now a fossil. 

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again, I love my followers and read each comment and respond. Thanks again and see you on my next project....the garage needs to be cleaned out....Whooo who want to come and help......I'm tired thinking of it.

For all of you with kids starting school. Have a great year and a SAFE year. Follow those Bus rules....with care. ( Husband in charge of all the transportation in TISD...lots of kids on those buses)

Friday, August 24, 2012

 Yippee!! My readership has jumped over 5000. Happy number and my followers have jumped over 50 Thank You!!!! I say thanks and so do my treasures, these three holligan's that make things fun at Grandma Kat's house
Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by, time for me to create something you will be interested in seeing...but family first. Priorities!!!!
We want to say thanks for stopping by and come back again, I am Alexandria, my Grandma has a spot at Moore and Garret Antique Mall, so I named her booth. Alexandria's Attic,  lets go for a visit...I am all dressed up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painting with a mix,Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Behr blue plus left overs

 OK guys, this is keep it real, real as in> it's late in the day, picture. Real as my camera decided to battery die,holding power less and less. Pictures in my work room and she ain't purtty (sp on purpose) this is where I create and it is not gorgemegusssy like some bloggers work room, but it works for me. I hope this will sell, I wanted to use up some of the expensive material I had from the table and chair make over. Since I had paint, I had the material and I had some big hunks of foam. We replaced our Air bed,and the bottom section is a thick cut of foam. So I am saying this is a Piece done out of left overs.
Yeap even the little tray is a leftover of my own,I wanted a tray to set on this coffee table turned into a ottoman of sorts. So It can be used for a drink or what ever....So I played with paint and pulled this tray together for a pretty and fun look( O yeah if you had seen the before, bla rusty wicker with a wood base. The vase was a give away to me, by a fellow vendor,here you do something with this. The necklace I had at the shop but it had been played with, so I fixed the jump ring. Now wearable again really a pretty piece for someone who loves nature as in sea shells. This is from Hawaii 1973, so a fun vintage look.My Mom loved the Ocean and she loved good costume Jewelry. This is a piece from a trip she and my Dad took to the big Island. ......

 I love adding bows to trays so a burlap bow and a little graphic from where else then but Karen at The Graphic Fairy. I had this one left over from a previous project so again pulling out of left over stash. The vase I filled with left over shells and colored glass I used in making a Shell Mirror,March post.
O  do you see the little Hummingbird she is  tied to a saquara(sp) piece that I found in Arizona.Amazing how a cactus can turn into a wood look. So a vase full of pretty's. The Tray I added a Love much and Laugh often using the peal and stick letters, for stenciling. This was some more leftovers from a dresser in July post.
Ok the paint cloth is back, can you believe she just came out of the dryer all clean,  at least as clean as she will ever be with all that paint... Now you see some of the legs. I didn't distress still thinking that out....I used ASCP old white then the blue by Behr(paints like silk over ASCP) so to distress or not to distress. This was your classic golden Oak 80's coffee table...I picked it up from Michele at Moore and Garrett,it was in the back storage so I bought her a pair of boots she wanted (Turquoise riders ) and I took the coffee table home... I had this material leftover from the table and chairs I did, it was pric'y so I thought maybe I could get some of my money out it doing a large over sized Ottoman. I SEWED I really did it,I used my sewing machine for the first time!

I showed my Hubby,Here is Mr Kalamities coment, Well Kat that only took a year and a half for you to break it out, last week you sewed by hand all the piping trim....was it really that hard to use the machine...well yes Mr Kalamitie I had to get help getting all the thread going the right way. Kat are you going to use it again or will it be another year and half. Mr K. I just don't know,but I do have some or the Carnival fabric...I need to make a pillow...

See I added piping to hide the staple, I wanted to show off the wood trim..I had too little fabric,for what my original idea was. One of these days I will do a Ottoman with my idea( I  want a square and do it using a tufted method.) So the tray will be sold with the Ottoman and maybe the folks who bought my table when they finish paying the layaway will buy this too..Ok I need to go check my camera's battery. I hope it will work, cause I don't like the date code on my blog pics...Only thing I want on my pics is a water mark...maybe I will learn...how to do that when I am on vacation. 

So I leave you with my thanks to those of you, who take the time to comment. I have a no Robot free comment,and if you use your URL I try to respond in kind and To those that have recently followed me, I try always to respond in kind. I thank you all for your patience with my &&^)*)*(_)( spelling  

See you when I finish my next project....got to empty the garage.Thanks for putting up with the pics, and my back room...keep'en it real

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This post is for Cindy.Sadly she has moved on to heaven and will be missed by her Children and Husband. She is a niece of Donna over at the best little blog all about junk. Funky Junk and if you want a idea she will have it. If you want to see wonderful photos...that to.But at this time hopes and prayers for her niece Cindy are what is behind this posting...My way of praying is go to nature.....so lets go outside  AND MY WAY TO PRAY FOR SOMEONE IN THEIR TIME OF NEEDS IS THROUGH NATURE....AND WHAT I SEE.....

MAY WE ALL SEND CINDY's FAMILY, SOME OF THE STRENGTH OF A ROCK, STRONG,ENDURING.SO A PRAYER FOR CINDY's family along with Donna from Funky Junk...You can jump over to Funky Junk Interiors and Donna's facebook will give more detail.

This table was a sweet mess, keeping it on a positive side(really a mess) and now a fun little piece 

 I love to doodle,so this little mess became a table. She was broken, as she really was suppose to be a tier'd table. but her top part got up and left a long time ago to parts unknown...and it had the worst job of a finish,I have ever seen...sanded off a goo'y mess. Then painted her ASCP old white. The top I painted the white then used those fun numbers peal and stick. Then I painted chalk board black,Valspar. Once done a little distress bringing out more of the white underneath. The top finial, SP? I found in Mark and Laurie's booth....perfect solution to fix the screw poking up(the second level remember) I had fun after I seasoned the chalk board. Always rub chalk on to help alleviate any thing being set into the chalk board. 
 I think she is a pretty little table and considering her sorid past. You like? I played with the chalk and drew on the hour and minute hands and the doodle and Don't write on me all for fun and will wash off. After taking the Pic I tied a burlap ribbon around the finial and tucked the crayon chalk in
 I love those legs,but I think she needs feet, but I think just some little tabs.
 I don't know what my fasination is with clocks, and liking to do time pieces. Before I started my blog, I had a grouping of little clocks...and I sold every one of them. The little dresser I did using clock faces from Karen at the Graphic Fairy. I just think the look can have so many> between the line meanings..
Ok, I guess I should be a good blogger and show the before pics...so beware not  pretty, not one little bit...

Ok the back left corner,leaning and then the legs base,and the part that would have held the second layer. The old sewing basket will get a makeover one of these day. The corner of the bed, sad Grandma Kat as her treasures, my son and family are moving...Texarkana ,,,,my son got a great job out their. Using his training from his Marine 8+ years duty. So the bed will become Alexandria's bed a sweet little twin bed. with pretty lines.I will paint in a Deep Teal tone(a color from the movie Brave. My grand kids are all characters each. I will miss the only  40 minute drive. 

Thank you to those that leave comments,I try to respond to each and to my newest followers...yippeee I am over 50,,,,O crap so am I....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It is the little things,that make us happy and happy I am.

                   Ok I am so happy and I just have to say it. For a blogger I admire to take time to read my blog makes me very happy. 

I just have to say thanks to Miss Bliss and say look on my side bar and hop over to see her,and the many other bloggers who inspire me. To each and all thank you. I am closing in on 50 followers and my readership has gone up by leaps and bounds...so thank you to all of you for your support and inspiration....you often give it with out even knowing...so I thought a shout out was due.

So I thought I would show a few pics from where I grew up,this is the canyon.When the sun hits the water you are blinded....this canyon is my contentment,over the river and through the woods...to where memories are very dear...

If my spelling is off I am sorry....I often times type so fast I miss my mistakes...

This was 2006 the summer my son got emergency leave from the Marine Corp because my Dad had a scare. This trip has such good memories. This last picture shows how wild this place is ...... no roads in a too narrow deep canyon & cliffs on both sides....The reason they call it Dark Canyon? when the sun sets it is dark in the canyon but when you drive out....you still have light...

Thank you again....

Friday, August 17, 2012

PAINTING and Playing with color, starting with     tones of aqua and adding Oui' la la carnival punch

Ta-da...showing off my latest using Ombre' tones of aqua..Ombre' is the same color story in tones of light to dark.  I love Aqua, Turquoise, Robin egg blue, Peacock bright, Azure soft, Cerulean fresh. All happy feel good colors.

So what do you think, pretty colors...I will be honest the color tones really are more distinct in person, The fabric is called Oui'LaLa Carnival...seriously check out a Hancock store...Oui La La

The little Night stand had a make over that did not sell? so I did a Do Over.  Since Miss Moody Blue sold so well and I still had the paints...why not, so out came the paints. The chair is one of three found by the side of the road and 2 have arms and this one, no arms...so I am breaking the set up, this chair has a nice wide seat for tossing clothes on at the end of the day,or sitting down to put on your shoes. The head board is for a single twin with pretty lines. All these pieces have lots of detail, in their lines and fun to do, using the different tones. Then when you add Dark Wax the color changes and adds a subtle shine

 Close up on the headboard, the fabric is a rich mix of colors, and a person could use a variety of colors in the bedding.  I have to say I have good taste  this was not cheap fabric even with 40% off and I have to say, I am a little proud of myself...I did this all by myself, I looked up some how too's but I am better at learning by doing. I did the trim myself too..this is honest, I am so alergic to sewing machines. I did the trim piping and sewed it by hand. Bought a sewing machine and yet to use it. Making a promise to myself learn how to sew.
Because I have some of this fabric left over and if it does not sell real fast,like Miss Moody Blue, I am going to do Pillows,to sell with the comforter. 

She has pretty lines,and the trim enhances the curves. The little crowning trim is pretty and was broken off. So wood glue and Thanks Mark,some nails fixed that problem. Mark and Laurie have a booth at Moore & Garrett, they really find great stuff. He gave me an A for my first attempt with this style of work. 

 This little night stand, I used 5 different shades over the previous Paris Gray. The Annie Sloan paint makes a good base for non chalk paints.When you are painting over  a shiny surface. The base is painted in ocean slumber,the top is tropical oasis,the body is gone fishing,top drawer is sea sparkle the lightest,the second drawer is fresh basin a deeper tone and the other colors each are darker, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint then over all the tones except the sides and interiors which I also painted. The handles I painted Ocean Slumber then a little brown and  then sanded to a aged look...yeap those are my price tags in bright green, my standard antiques and vintage the original green.

Ok the chair was a free find, but I canceled out some of the savings with my fabric lovin designer look...But I think she is a pretty girl now. I love all the cuts and details on the chunky legs and back brace. Again used all the color tones. Lighter on top and darker on the bottom. Used the stronger colors on the side rails to frame the look.  I used the same method, painted antique white- then the aqua's- then the wax-then distressed by sanding= a strong look, the chair was covered using the same Oui La La Carnival fabric. I did add some more cushion for someone's tush.....I like to make chairs ready for the home so I added few feet to the chair feet, slides better then the flat wood feet.

 Ready for her close up, love those chunky details, and the fabric has a stiched style with  really strong colors, and would look great  with so many colors. I picked it because of all the color tones and their are lots of blues tones. 

What did this stuff look like in the beginning,before their makeover, do over

 Ok I snapped this in the middle, if you look at previous posts you will catch this headboard and the chair sitting in the garage with all the other stuff . The head board here is showing the old white ...Annie Sloan is great for those who hate prep work, I fall into this group. I want to get to the funstuff not sanding
Hey,don't look at my backside,  o yeah I wanted you to see the back side of the fabric, sometimes better then the front...so when looking at fabric look at both sides...this one would have worked if I wanted really really strong color, but more aqua on the front...I am getting ready to cut the size of material I need.

What back here to what I did, Ok I have been chatty enough.Past posts show the chair in her so sad look and again a March post shows the nightstand, it sat at the store for close to 5 month in Paris Gray so she is the do over. Do you ever haul it back home for a do over...yeap I have and often my second visions make the difference. Now lets talk plants and stuff...this is a really sunny corner at this time of day but at other  times really shady, under my Mimosa tree.My Dad bought this tree, when we first bought this house out in the country that was 20 plus years ago...and you can see our back lot and all the railroad ties for a marker...it helps with heavy rains and the rock wall is around all the plants that  deer will not eat......Today's temp. 103

OK! she is at the store now and I set her up with a unit price, I really want her to sell as a trio and If the person who bought Miss Moody blue comes in she would find her sisters. Tomorrow is Market Days in Downtown Belton  area check it out and starts at 9 AM  on Central and their is a Farmers Market too, So bye for now- 

         and those that have left comments, a huge shout out!  THANK YOU
         and to those who  are my newest follower's THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Selling within 1 hour.....paint me blue.

This is fast,but today I took Miss Moody Blue's to the shop and set her up...Now you have to understand. I am upstairs in a 100 year old store.One set of stairs up and down...no other way to get upstairs...so Up all 6 then hit the  landing turn corner and then up 15 steps No step is the same depth...and all the things that have been carried up have beat up each step. Laurie told me find a place downstairs Kat.But my area is upstairs....and so we went.Then I moved stuff around...After my redo of upstairs....We have 8 new vendors.I am having a tough time to find a spot for my stuff...But when you want to improve your buisness you do what you have to.....Now a customer says how much is this dresser.That is 220.00 and I just brought it in so no discount . 10 minutes of thought I help another and they say we are buying that dresser it is just so unique...I have to have it....So guess what what ....Laurie I need help in bringing a dresser done .....Kat what Dresser,O the one yu said place down here...So we take out all the drawers again and down the stairs we go...well we got out our weight lifting today...So a last look at Miss Moody Blues....may my next project sell as fast....My Hubby just got a new pickup , I need to sell more....Drum Roll....

So bye for now and to my newest followers ....Thank you! I looking forward to hitting 50....I am thinking of doing something? to make my followers numbers rise.....as my readership has tripled....Any ideas...I am thinking of a give a way of one of my paper garlands....O yea I have not really shown my Garland...So till next time....thank you for following,Kathryn and I try to respond to ever comment.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Painting in Blue, shades of blue,lots of blue,so calling her MOODY BLUES
so do you know why I mixed colors. I did a Ombre' effect,Shades of colors.

I love how different light,causes the color's to react differently..This is a quick post...before the Hub gets home with his new pickup....Does any other Blog gal notice how our Blog Hubby's lobe their pickups...Almost as much as us...cause how would we get all this fun stuff home with out our pickups....so just saying..
Having reading several home magazines, one made a big point on color, and how the largest percent of readers,and designes go blue in the bedroom...I say'd Kat paint her blue....but what shade...so I did OMBRE......I picked color that was just a lil shade different. Each one is in a shade of ocean turq/blue.
So don't you just love paint clothes...I just picked up a new one,but I am going to use it for some chairs I have (RoadTrash Free) The paint cloth looks like a abstract painting.....but this was fast......I have a little more work, I need to get casters..I want her on wheels...so the pretty bottom will show off with more punch. I also need some very fine sand paper.The dark wax, I love how it creates drama with the blue shades.But the flate sides need to be toned down a little..I really had fun with each color tone ..The dresser has 5 drawers in total. I painted each drawer a different color...I will come back to the colors in detail..This started in that honey oak look...that we all are so over.
I painted Annie Sloan Old White first. This was perfect for the distressing and for adhering to the shining finish..I sanded but I hate sanding,so using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint saved me so much work.
Even though I am playing in other colors and Brands, I still love Annie for a Base and for the quality of contact with veneers and shiny surfaces.

 I love the details on this Craig list fine..She is solid wood and was made in Ark. The company is Branded into the side..The hardware I decided to use the original,great patina very dark ...Just had to replace one missing knob. I had to do a little wood work, one drawer had split,another the sliders had pulled off...so you know the routine...Glue and clamps...I really am happy with the look. I think the Name Moody Blue is perfect. Am I giving away my age... 

I think I am going to have to invest in a new camera down the road.Even with using photo shop improving....my Sony Cypershop is good...but the color in this is so rich. I would have did these outside but she is a heavy girl. So my back room where I have my work room....Wish as pretty as some I see in blog land...but it is mine and I have fresh air and natural light...so when I do pastels..the natural light is great...O yeah I never has said, I am a fair artist.

I love pastels....you can blend and the array of colors is amazing....so many shades to play with...I think that is why I like playing with color in painting furniture too.....So Do you want to see what she looked like in the beginning.

 The top just before I hit it with ANNIE's old white.and the side you see honey oak But so solid and this will be a great piece for some one...

 See how deep this drawer is, such great storage. Below some of the other stuff to make pretty....As I have said I have lots of projects...lots of projects...

So do you remember any of the songs the band MOODY BLUE'S did, I sold all the old albums we had. I framed the Moody Blues and sold them framed to a college student...I hope she comes back. This dresser would be so perfect. 
Their music was so diverse...kind like this lil piece.....

                                    So till next time, Here's to you finding a piece and saving her 
                                    from a sad outcome...If you want more info for how I did this 
                                    finish. Leave me a comment.....Kalamities to Contentment