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Leibster .......Thank you and why does blogspot.sometimes go wacky....I am going to leave this until tomorrow when I can redo...I need to tell my picks the good news and then redo this post over and get the columns in line and not wacky. Kalamities is that what I said....and my effort to make each highlighted urls so  click and go...each of these people will be added to my side bar too...so you can follow along. Again
my humble pie that I messed up on the columns..Thank you and will be back tomorrow and redo this...mistakes are how we learn, I just don't like messing up in such a public way...but move forward.
Keep on and up...

                                                                        I am so excited....and honored to be part of a great group of women chosen by www.numbersfifty-three.com  Angela does amazing work. and you should hop over to her blog...and see what all she has done....My journey that brought me into developing my blog, Is a little KALAMITY of its own.....But first lets get to the point of my post....

*What is the Liebster???? Liebster is German and means kindness,cute,nice,lovely, and a whole lot of other really kind words that mean so much....endearing was another one...see kind words...than mean so much...I have been told by family,friend,and coworkers nice and kind...I have lived with this thought. At Christmas every one is nice and kind...So how about a world where everyone treated each other like Christmas every day...Cute, my stuff I do is sometimes cute,clever,creative and often- Out Of the Box thinking. Being chosen  for this is truly awesome and I have to say again a SHOUT OUT TO ANGELA
from www.numberfifty-three.com  Now the other part of the nomination is you only have 200 or less followers. This is a true statement as I have 26 but it jumped up by 5 in one day Thanks to those who are my Followers.I hope the comments I leave you, Make your day the same way comments left to me make my Day.My viewer to date stat's are 1,936...so this type of award along with proudly wearing a Newbie award are making my day,as well as improving my readership...

NOW on to the other part of this nomination,you are to list 5 points about yourself and why you have started a blog and why you love it...the point who we are and why we blog...I have always been a little reserved about posting about myself...so here goes...Gulp!

1. Why did I start blogging...You see some of those people on my side bar,the list keeps growing and this
are just a few of the people I have viewed in Blogland. I am a firm believer if you like what they do so tell them. I comment 90% of the time and love those who believe in a No Robot on their comments. I saw all the people in blogland having fun. I thought I love to take and item and see what I can do,so as to keep it out of our landfills or prettyfy for todays vintage looks.So I thought I want to join the fun and join in showing ways to prettyfy vintage.I have learned so much from other like minded blogger's. Some ideas that I jumped on Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Clues on how to take old beat up books and music sheets and turn them into pretty. I have learned so much and thank all those in blog world who have given me this opportunity.......

2. How did you get into the bizness and why... I come from a long line of woman who have passed on their treasure.My parents are those two fun looking people at the top of my page.In all their vintage wear from their antique club days. They added to the treasures with a life time of collecting. My Dad often said all those boxes are part of my retirement .and he was a banker,and trust manager to boot.Well all those items are now part of my retirement. Plus finding something  discarded or unloved I live outside the box so what will some creative love do,its just plain fun.

The other point that made me get into this biz. I lost my job in 2008. I was the store manager for a large Department store. I had worked with this company for 26 years,and a total of 38 years in retail. Plus so many companies in retail struggling finding a job was dismal,My hubby picked up my health care cost. It was a kalamity in that the loss of my job was loss of a long career,self confidence and our personal income took a very very heavy hit. I needed to pick up enough income to cover the health care costs. I had all these treasures and all ready had given many to my sons. Those items that I  always thought will sell but ,where. I found Moore & Garrett in downtown Belton Texas. The sweet couple who own this great store have over 100 vendors in a over 100 year old store. 

The other point was I needed to have time for family and in my retail management, I had missed a lot. I worked 50-80 hours. I needed something to get me back to working with people and making it a prettier world. But I needed balance,the balance to spend time with my husband and family. My son had married and adopted two great little boys and then they had Alexandria. My mom needed me as.She has the big AZ and lives so far away. If you have lived this journey you know that time with your loved parent is so vital,because before they are gone in mind...you bound in a way that helps you to deal with how long the journey ahead as it can be a long road......

3.What is my Favorite Crafting. Mine is two fold..one with a paintbrush,the other with a glue gun and then throw in some mod-podge. If you look at the top of my page you see lots of pretty's using old Music sheets,as well as some old Books .I love to see where playing with these sheets takes me and I find lots of inspiration from others. Then throw in a paintbrush and what can I do...checking out link parties and finding more and more bloggers full of talent. When I have time the first TuT. I will do is, how to make one of my Garlands. I have not seen one like mine,and I sold over 18 of these over the Holiday season. 

4.What are you proud of-   First my marriage and would still say yes,to Mr Kalamity who is my best friend and my anchor in life My sons are my joys. My oldest is Legally Blind and has a rare Birth Defect. That is too long of a story and a long journey of ups and downs. But today he is happy and over all healthy. he is a good buddy for me and my go to on all things techie. My other son is All guy, a Marine and once a Marine always a Marine.8 years of all over the world and yes into both wars,on both tours,he was part of the first Marines at start of both wars. After several tours a accident caused him to move on. He met a great gal and married. He adopted her 2 young sons,and I am proud of him-responsible! He runs a day care from home and continues to work on finishing school. My daughter in law is a CPS auditor. He plans on going into Disaster Mangament  My three grandchildren are my delights So family is my pride in my new world.

One pride point from career years. I am the one who started an idea that grew into a program in my store,that then grew into what is now in all of Dillard's stores. The holiday program that creates dollars for the Ronald McDonald Homes. This program has now donated Millions to the homes and the best part your locations of stores build dollars for your local Ronald McDonald home. When still working,our little location always out showed everyone and several times the best sales in the county. 

5.Where would you live if won the Lotto.  I would buy my parents home that we had to sell to help with the Big costs of AZ. A log home in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Beautiful on the side of a canyon wall with a front deck looking across to the other canyon walls and a river below.Over the river and through the woods was our true family home. I would share with my family and donate to the AZ association. I would find a 60's Willy Jeap pickup and take my grandkids to all the great places my Dad taught me, and my grandpa and my great Uncle...I would open my own little store in Downtown Rapid City in one of the old historical buildings.

Now if my posting lines get wacky,I am hurrying as I have 15 projects in the wings...and when done will show you...My listing of those blogs I feel you should check out and honor as Leibster Blogs
have been selected by my using my comment listing and going back and checking their blogs.. I did it this way to prove how important comments are. To all of us in blogland, but those who are the start of their blog= with less then 200 followers...Share the love by checking them out and leave 
a comment on their blog. Please check out again the lovely,cute,kind Angela who nominated me. You can find these people all by checking my comments too. I often bloghop from clicking on another persons blog. I have found all types of wonderful creations and these are my selections.

                                          http.// www.crowsfeetchic.blogspot.com

There are so many wonderful bloggers to choose from!Angela passed on a great list of rules from her blog as noted above. So if I have nominated you. Please complete the following 5 steps.
Send a email or comment to the person nominated letting to know their they are now on to a path
of success and give them some Leibster love...lets all be successful in blogland.Keep our finds
out of the landfills and into homes with our talents and creative touches of a paint brush and more.

1.Post about your win out your blog.
2.Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and follow their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award button to your blog post. 
4.Present the Leibster Award to 5 Blogs that have fewer than 200 follower.
5.Let them know by leaving a comment and a email is a good idea too. 

Kuddos to all the above listed blogs.They do a great job on the start of their path to success

Also if you are new to Blogging and on the less then 200 I highly recommend

Things I will be working on...a chair, wardrobe,a vanity,a old TV console that will become a dry bar, a mannequin, cupcakes special order,frame to turn into a chalkboard. a little corner shelve paint and an end-table,plus old patterns into something fun...and for the blog,need to create a 
Pintrest page =32% of your views, facebook another big hit..and then how to add reply on my comments and create a linky party listing on my page...so what all do you have to do.....O my we do take on a lot when we get into Blogging. 

So why KatsKalamities. I am Kathryn and with a name like Kathryn you end up with a gazillian  word nicknames.Kalamities when growing up when you are 5'9 in 8th grade...you are like a colt on new legs and a calamity of stuff happens to you...but when you end up to be 5'11 and long redhair.
You just get noticed for all your Kalamities...

My what should I improve...my spelliing is horible....get it...Horrible. Plus a lot more ......

Thank you for your visit,Kathryn...Kat

Thursday, June 21, 2012

PAINT,PAINT,PAINT "O"  to the rescue please...this piece was at the store. Yes I am an old trunk,but no one ever loved me. I sat sitting and no one wanted to give me a try. Probably because  the side was in bad shape.You see I was in a corner. A dark sad,wet corner. I  did some rotting in this dark corner...where no one loved me. I mean I am great at  storing lots of stuff...but they let me sit and decay....so Paint,paint to the RESCUE. Please!!!
O and this side is where it all happened,  I started to fall apart and no one stepped in to help. So my corner had fallen apart and I was no longer standing up straight. SO this is how I started to put her back together. I used a metal grate product. and bent it at the corner. I then screwed the screen into the corner, this gave it a corner to support the trunk again. I pealed all the coverring that had rotted away, tossed sad to say the interior storage units...to far gone. The handle had rotted to.....I then gave the whole unit a bleach bath....O I smell so much better. All cleaned up...

O my this is the same side.....I look so much prettier...is that proper english....O well I am so happy  Paint came to my rescue...ASCP does a great shop of coverring all that sad Look. I got a makeover and I look so petty in a shappy Brit flag way...I was hit with ASCP old white,then some Linen and a little dark wax. Green tape is the best...really does seal and keep paint lines crisp. I first painted all over in the Old White. Then did the tape...then started to define the pattern using the other color tones. Once I was done with the paint, I used a color wash of Old White over the whole look. 
Since the handle had fallen apart , I thought burlap.  The overall look. I hope someone will think fun. I used KILZ inside in mat white.  This gives it a cleaner smell. Sealing any Yucky from getting on anything tossed inside for storage.  I won't lock but I will latch....so BEFORE what a  

This is AFTER! I do think I am prettier...Hope, I find a new home...some one looking for a great storage piece.  I have some fun little keys from The Graphic Fairy   tucked onto the side,and inside a couple of Lock Graphics MOD PODGE'D  so fun to add a little decor.... So painted all around...and then inside. I used my favorite Tools on saving this sad trunk, she is all dressed up now... think LONDON....kick back and put your feet up on this trunk. I can be used for a coffee table. And now I won't buckle.... PAINT To the rescue....what would I do with out... 
Tools to repair this trunk, ASCP paint. KILZ mat white. ASCP Linen sample pot. Dark wax. Screen and lath screws. Plus some L brackets for a tight corner. Green tape for design. Burlap from Michaels. Graphics from the best...The Graphic Fairy.Mod-podge de'copage. The backyard, well just full of rocks....hard to grow grass in my part of Texas. You dig 2 inches and it is bedrock.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pricing a piece. Your time! Your efforts! Your Creativity!Your Inspirations! Your individual stamp!  I have to say, a little trouble with posting...would not let me continue down the page. 
But I thought,this gave me an opportunity to address a issue, I struggle with. Am I underselling myself...to make things move...or am I impatient....would love to here your point of view.Comment! 

 I took this in the backyard,on our picnic table. My hubby made the table. Love power tools. So do you like this little blue pot and the flowers,I used silk flowers picked up from Wally world.But I added my own twist,some gingam, red check cupcake sleeves. I played and created flowers and added blue buttons. I just can't not play and see what else I can create to make it prettierr. Is that a word. This is the shot showing the seat and a close up of the details.Do you like! as much as I
 Ok! you can make cheap flowers look pretty,just take the time. SO what do you think. How much should I charge for this. Do you have a hard time with setting prices. I know MMS did a piece on pricing. In my area,I have to go lower. It can be frustrating when the time and effort,plus a creative twist....should get a higher rate...but so be it. I think this will be a package piece,fair$$
The chair is really a old jem, lot's of personality. The paint pots each 11.99 but I still have some left to use on something else, so say 5.00 used.  The green tape yes I bought, because I was out .So I will say 1.00 Then their is the cost of the star package, 2.47. The cupcake packet,again did not use all of the sleeves. So I will say 1.25 used. The buttons found in the sale bi-,1.00. The USA was 2.50 but again just a portion used...1.00. The burlap is 14.99 a roll and this was just a little so...1.00 Now the silk plants we're 1.00 a piece and I used three so 3.00.   this is a total of 18.25 and that is a rough adding in my head. This is just the cost for the supplies- not the pot nor the chair....So fair is $50.00 and I do, a 20% discount this equates to 40.00 . I think a fair price but I will probably do 38.00 as it will sell better. So what do you net, less supply cost and item value....10.00 and then the chair really belongs to a neighbor who wanted to sell this really bad shape piece...I get 30% so 7.00 if my net....I must love to make pretty stuff. Because this is not a way to make money....Ok in writing this, I Am sticking to my guns....42.00 will be my bottom price...and if not sold by July 2,then I will go down....sometimes a girl just has to say, I deserve more for my Creative efforts...how about you...do you find yourself in the same pickle.

I want to say thank you,to those who have recently become a follower of my Blogs. I really say thanks to those who post a comment and join a follower. It means a great deal to me and I say
                                                           THANK YOU,FOR ALL COMMENTS
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Sample Pots....love and amazed....how far this paint goes...

Took a little time off,with Hubby,,,,my friend and Hubby for now 38 years....and still will say,I Do we are high school honeys and have been a couple for 42 years....We went to Corpus Christie for a Bday-Anniversary and Promo for my Hubby...lots to celebrate.I had lots of fun! until I went 20 miles out,on the ocean from Port A...I am not a ocean person when the waves are 4-6 ft rolling rolls...Made it out fine,but oops moved when the boat was still moving and hit my head...stupid me....and then a Migrane set in with a case of sea sick....O how I paid for all this...But my honey did catch fish, lots! and we will have a red snapper fish fry one of these days....He felt so bad for me....But I was happy, he had this experience .If I spelled anything wrong....oops I type like I talk,fast and in a hurry...So if spell check could correct ,it would be marvyyy.....see that is spelled wrong too.....OK now you know where I have been.....the Texas coast around S. Padre,Corpus and Port A. ALL fun And lots to do.

OK I am going to say- if you have never checked out Annie's Chalk Paint then one way to do it,is a  paint sample pot...love these....can I say love these...Now where I bought these, the price was 11.99 I thought great I can try other colors and see how they work....If you live in Central Texas,then Drive up to Waco and you can buy at Jute's in Spice Village...no payment for this plug...these are just the facts.  This is just plain fun for Texas lovin folks...some old planks cut and placed on a cross board. I then used my Jigg and cut around, for the shape of Texas. I always say if you pick up the toe of Texas and roll it up at the panhandle, you are almost in North Dakota....or out of the  country. This hangs in one of my Oaks in the back yard now....Not selling this fun one...love it

Now this little chair, I should have shown a before pic....I will learn to do this. SO you can see the efforts I put into saving stuff,that some people don't get...This one will be great on a front porch. With July coming up perfect....But for a USA lovin home,and with Ft Hood so close..A Troops loving  House....this is perfect...I could even put on my own front entry....My youngest was a Marine... But a early Happy 4rth.....or Happy we live in the great USA.....

 The backyard. So many bloggers are taking their pics in their yard. This is Texas and water is precious...wish I had a mid-west yard,like I remember...but this is what we have ...and I do love rocks...so this little chair was in really tough shape...I fixed it once and  painted a yard green,but did not sell.  So thought try these colors and see what you can do. I Did more repair and then painted with pots of colors...Aubusson blue..will buy a quart of this! really pretty and I am not a blue person. The top rails I did in Emperor's Silk  a rich red same,I have a old TV unit. Inside red and outside a Black. The white is Pure White. I used a little dark wax ,allover to seal...Then the green tape came out... to line up the stripes. I find green tape is the best for no bleeding. 
 I hit a store and found some foam stars,they held up to painting around ...to create the star's. I used a couple of the painted star's and hot glued them to the chair. A little sandpaper made for a perfectly great little chair for a front porch. Now here in Central Texas,where I sell my stuff. We have in our Downtown Belton a great 4rth of July parade,plus a PCRA fair and rodeo. I think this will be perfect on the front porch of any home! All summer from Memorial day to Labor Day. 
Accessories are fun during the holidays...so I thought, I have a pot doing nothing. So  what can I add....what would I want on my porch. How about a pot of flowers to sit on the chair. Yeah fun. 

The close up shows how the seat looks on a close up...plus the little pot I did,to add for a great look. This was a Hunter green speckled water pot. I used the Aubusson blue all over. Then  with some odd's and ends that have a USA motive. I added some silk flowers and made some paper flowers from Cupcake sleeves with buttons for the center.I used a little burlap for a ribbon.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...some more painting

One quart..so how much can it paint...few examples. Old White 1 Qrt. painted. One free standing floor mirror...minus mirror. One shelve unit cubby style. One dresser. One really old rocker. A dog feeding chair.....Yes I did all of this with one quart. Now I will say I used a little water in the mix at times. I also used some CoCo a lil mixed with the old white,but not with every piece. A lil left.

 Big Dogs Rule...this is the third one of these chairs I have created. We live in a house with a big dog and my son has Two reallllly big Dogs...the little pup Linus, posted towards the bottom. He is not so Little anymore...Great White Pyrenne's and I have a German Shepard...yes I need to post a picture of this Menegerie...But lets talk chairs. This is a good solid vintage chair.White mixed with  Co Co stronger on the COCO,and then a wash on top of the old white..and the stripping is old white. A little Black Chalk Board paint..You can put your Dogs name on this one..The bowl is secure with a ring of velcro so no wobble,when you Big Dog is eating...A dog paw tells you what this is for...Each one has been a little different...but the basic concept is vintage fun for a Pup.
 This is a fun Piece,some times your pieces are not perfect so what to do...think out of the box. I do it all the time may be I live outside the box. This is a free standing mirror that lost the mirror. So now I am a fun chalkboard on both sides,secret notes to yourself on the back like charting your weight.The Front can be your To Do or use for a party.Menu or event for a season...useful and fun

This is way fun a little cubby that was a green you know the one Hunter green so how many pieces, do you find in this dated color...I changed this to a Old White and a hotel motive. I used fun graphics from the Graffic's  Fairy using London and Paris fonts and some old clock faces,plus hung some fun keys with twine...a bell at the top for check in and out. This hangs on the wall and can hold all your fun stuff from your wanderings. 

 This one uses, a lil coco and heavy distressing...I did a paint wash right over the decopag'ed graphics .Mod- Podge is great for really adhering these prints

This is a fun piece and so useful,I have done three of these all a different color

This dresser was found in really tough shape..the top was falling apart. Everything was apart,mirror yes but separate and drawers falling apart. So with lots of TLC the bones we're repaired. I started painting and then when came time to distress, I found under a 70's antiqued effect. This wow milk paint in a green tone. This was a great discovery so I got out the palm sander and went to town. Finding this on the top,the backing and mirror. Plus the knobs. I lined the inside with embossed wall paper..and painted inside and the sides of the drawers. This overall look is so cottage chic. plus a solid beveled mirror. The items on top are more of some of my inherited items. 

 Beveled mirror is solid and really in good shape,I love the carved detail on the mirror posts. 
This is a good angle to show off the drawers and the knobs. I really think this will be perfect in  a cottage bedroom,The base was hit with a 2nd  coat and a lil of a wash to add more lightness. 

This is a old really  old 5 slat rocker with a rush seat..I did a dry brush on the seat too. This was grandpa's and since he was born 1880's and married 1912
rockers can be tricky to sell,but when emotions is tied in takes a lil longer

Don't you love those rock walls,upstairs at Moore and Garrett you can really see the age of the building. Also the wide planks are original this building is over a 100 ....fun to be upstairs where you can really see it. Distressing brought out all the details...but all the rungs on this one o my,Did I miss that spot ....

 This is a fun piece a little cupcake,all in vintage paper, I used a small round paper mache box and a cup for the angle.I did folds and lots of hot glue....I has a little message board for a love note. Opened shows how I padded the inside. The whole look is a mix of paper,satin and ribbons with a little tea for staining. Ring box.

Some fun letters for a sign,spell out what you want and for a party announcement or name of a event. These letters are fun and can be a added to a party table scape...use in a wedding...endless

 So what do you think,lots of fun stuff and 

Thank you for stopping by,lots of fun and creative mixes...in all these creations. From previous posts....sold the heart box,and shell mirror...compliments on the painting....hope you like. Please leave comments and tell me what you like

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT ROCKS.....if you have never painted a vintage piece nor tried to cover a veneer. Let me tell you to trust this paint. If you do not like prep-work,lots of pre-sanding, messy strippers...then this is the paint for you....everybody in blogland of vintage,junk gypsies,salvage queens and a few off the road pickups...have saved a piece an brought it back to a beauty. So don't be afraid just start painting....and Annie Sloan chalk paint can be found in Central Texas at Jutes in Spice Village,Waco TX. So stay with me and let me show you a few that I have painted and the why I did what I did. I

 Do you love this look,this piece sold fast. Easy to understand. The color is rich but neutral and by saving the top and giving it a good sanding and easy staining of dark oak, I brought back the beauty. The top was all scratched up,water stained and paint splatters. The bottom broken and not secured. The front of the drawers had carved in names. Missing hardware and the bottoms of the drawers broken...So some work on all her problems and she was again in tip top shape. I did not paint the trim work around the drawers. The body of this pretty girl was painted in Chautea Grey, a sage tone green.  
This shows the details from the side, you can see how the paint was distressed by sanding and bringing out the details. I did 2 coats of the paint and then a clear wax. Both Annie Sloan products. If I had used a dark wax it would have deepen'd  to a dramatic deeper green. The hardware was oiled darker and this shot was taken before I did  the top two replacement handles. 
  This shot shows the drawers after, I painted the sides too,so a clean look when open, the drawers are painted Duck Egg Blue a happy fresh color-tone. I then used embossed wall paper and lined the drawers this fixed some of the aged rough surface problems. The wall paper was hit with the paint brush for a dry wash effect. A pretty tin ceiling design to stick with this grand lady. She is a official Antique as over 65 years..and to be considered Antique that is how old something needs to be...Lucky me I have not hit that mark yet.....
Ok so now you see how she started out,broken drawers,messed up top ect.
So do you think she looks better now with some elbow work and paint. I do
and so will her new home. Not sure what they will use her for but I know she will be a happy addition to their home, she is on her 2nd  life with a Makeover

Here are so more ideas of how to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in bluetone's
 This turquoise is called Provance and is a rich color that will brighten up any piece you use it on. This old lady was a reddish orange vaneeeeerrrr with some broken side pieces. She had lost her mirror too to a bad move. Glad I was not part of those 7 yrs bad luck. I painted her 2 coats. No prep at all. Then I sanded to bring out some details and highlight with contrast. She had kept her cool drawer pulls. A bake-lite style in funky orange tone. This is chalk paint so I wrote its a small world on the backboard . I had a mirror that was missing its frame so I married this to the framework..I looked and thought it did remind me of the world. So I got some of my maps and tore up sections and then dug out the MOD Podge in Matt finish. This circle's the mirror plus I used sections down the sides, which nicely covered some tougher spots. The drawers again I finished off outside and in. I put new feet on her so she doesn't scratch her new home...I do the drawers and feet now on all my pieces, I save. I think a nice touch to saying I'm ready to move into your house with a care touch.
 This little nightstand has not sold like the two above pieces but the right glam girl will show up and she will say take me home. Now she is not as old but is vintage and solid' no crap particle board here. I used Paris grey and a silver hobby paint for a glamour touch. I think she is pretty in blue and will find her home soon. But if not I will paint over the silver and soften the look. It is easy to do with Annie Sloan paint as it covers so well. 
Now this shows how if your working on a big piece or little this paint goes on and on...The one quart usually will paint a large piece like a wardrobe then a nightstand and a headboard. Plus a frame...if you don't have to do 2 coats.
This mirror I used Provance mixed with Old White to soften to a paleTurq.Blue tone. I then hot Glued..(Hot glue gun *(*&^&(*) another post.Don't you just love those burned fingers. But I think the frame is pretty with all the sea shells and would look good around another print of a family beach scene. The glassware is a fun mix and old books are great for giving you height and dimension to a display. DO yu catch what those minnow Buckets are....I turned them into light fixtures.One is attached to a old lamp base and the other is set up to hang. The one on the base sold the other nope,may have to  find another base...

 I hope I explained why so many of us love this paint and are willing to spend the dollars(36-38) depending where you purchase. Carters Cottage is also a online blog that sells..and has a good followup, I have purchase with them too. One of my next paints to play with will me Milk paint. I have some of Miss Mustard Seed Paint sample's that I will be receiving and using in the future. So more fun to come in Paint,and what ever else I use to save on a sad old lady and do a extreme makeover and bring her beauty back with a smile

If your have read to the bottom of this, thanks for sticking with me on my BLAH BLAH BLAH ...I really appreciate your time and  thank you for any comments . Email if you have a question and I will get back to you.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I love the look of my Blog, so what do you think?  leave me a comment and tell me.  The overall look has been improved via Karen Valentine.  She is a wiz at the steps to making a Blog look more professional. I am happy with the layout and feel it represents me with more personality. I still have lots to improve,and learn....Pictures bigger and better, watching my famous poor spelling if not paying attention. Making sure I use preview to verify my margin's. Yeap lots to learn....

But I have to Brag on Karen Valentine, she took the time to listen and then the chops to know how and what to do. She designed the new header line with the pictures of some of my creations and pictures  that I sent her.  She cleaned up the side bar and created the great green tones I wanted,but added a vintage look with the soft graphics.  Her followup with emails and questions was professional and showed true interest in my wishes. I highly recommend her and if you like me are new to the game and want  to get moving forward faster then your abilities she can help you out too. 
She also has a great book on many steps to building a better blog. It is easy to understand and know I will be using some of it's great tips. 

How to participate in Linky parties and then host one myself and learn those steps. I know what I want, I just need to learn the hows.....My Link Party idea will be Memory Monday ,that is my plan.
I have the general idea down. What is one of your more special items,a found treasure,family heirloom or something you made...everyone of us has at least one item they treasure. So this is the idea, I am working on...when I get my act together ,I'll roll it out. So again leave me comments,suggestions,ideas. Love to hear from you.

OK now it's time for a few shots of some items I have taken to the shop without taking pic's
I love the shades of Turquoise that ASCP provides. Provance and Duck Egg both are beautiful and mix wonderfully....The shelf I showed in a previous post sold fast,as well as a little night stand I did and sold before I got a picture. The table I painted in Old White sold in one day of taking to the store. I need to make sure I get the pictures done. So here is some shades of Turq.

I had fun with these accessory pieces, I picked up at a garage sale in sad shape but I am always amazed at what paint can do to up upscale a piece. I added graphics from Karen at the Graphic Fairy she has the most amazing graphics...so with a little printing,cutting and distressing I added a travel idea to these  pieces. The bigger pieces sell fast in this color but as of yet not the accessory items. I have reduced the price's This little frame is only 5.00 the two spots can pop out and someone can insert their own pic.  The 123 caddy is stenciling that I distressed.Fun for bills or something more fun. The frames are great for a inspiration board or putting order to all those TO DO notes.....I love this color and think it is so happy. and  fresh. 

 So tell me what have you painted in Turquoise lately and do you love ASCP like me?
 Now a little crafting with June wedding's   as a idea, I did some roses using cupcake holders. Tea stained and toasted in the oven to distress to a vintage color tone. Making the roses is one way to get those rosebud vases to sell. I love the mix of Burlap with the paper.
 This is a selection of the keepsake box,using vintage music sheets. Also the wreath is perfect as a gift for a first year Anniversary. Year 1 Paper...perfect. The Swan up top you have seen, I just dropped the price.I think great for a vintage wedding table. The Pillow is raw silk and perfect for the ring bearer..the ring can be tied to the pillow I used one of our old doors from our Kitchen remodel. A great chalkboard perfect to announce dates or note to do's. This one actually reverses to Turq on the back for spring ToDo's
 This is a pretty shot of these items displayed on a rich euro piece,don't you love those beveled mirrors. The rich patina of this true antique from France. Lovely lines and I am always amazed at the crafting that was done in the past and has lasted for so many years. This is a great sideboard do you Luv it
This piece is on the main floor at Moore & Garrett downtown Belton TX

This is another Piece of wonderful craftmanship.The patina is so rich and perfect for your mansion. A perfect wardrobe to use on your special day the veil is ready for you. Open the door and you can check yourself out in the mirror's on the sides. Again this piece is located at Moore and Garrett Antique Mall located in Belton Tx.