Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mannequin Makeover OUI' LA LA  time for some high kicks.

Hello my name is- OUI' LA LA and I have had a lil makeover, O well my dear, a whole lot of a makeover....But I am kicking up my heels with glee, as to how da 
yous think,  PRETTY............Paris pretty with a vintage twist......Merci'e do you like me, with my pearls,and burlap touches and a fun petticoat,full of ruffles.

Do you think I am pretty with a French twist,this is the 4rth Mannequin for me,and after doing a Snow Queen, a Ballerina and a Fairy Queen. I thought a French twist...the Fairy Queen was over the top,she is on my header above and living in the Arlington area at a cute little shop... Mia of Simply Paris. Now the Ballerina is living in a sweet Teenagers room,her grandmother bought her for a Christmas present. Her Grandmother has a WOW booth at Moore & Garrett in Belton,TX. The Snow Queen went to San Antonia and is residing in a lil shop where she shows off their vintage jewelry. So we will see where Oui'la La  will reside,I expect a vendor will buy her for display purposes...or someone will use in their little space of vintage heaven.I am looking for a old floor lamp to use as her base,so she can stand in a corner and not rely on a table or chair..

Close up of the front and back of the Torso, and how I used Music sheets from who else but THE GRAPHIC FAIRY.Once I printed all the sheets(40) I then ran many of the sheets back through then printing with different graphics- using Paris as my search word. The graphics we're layered.  Then with Mod Podge, I went to work...So lets see how my around the world makeover started...I was not pretty in the beginning...I really was a mess, cracked and caved in- a mess!

As stated a mess,I was broken up badly through the bust and shoulders. The neckline was cracked as well as neckline. So I used fiberglass web tape and firmed up the cracks and breaks..I used some Paper-mache to fix where their was complete breaks.The overall repair corrected this vintage 30's or 40's girl. She has  fabric embossed into the Paper-mache toward the skirt. She does have a hole in her base so she can stand, I am looking for an old standing lamp base to use for her stand. So look at the next step. I used ASCP in old white because it will go over- anything...like tape and paper mache I wanted a smooth finish...so this where we go next- in my MakeOver.

 I lightly sanded her to smooth the finish. Here is a shot of the print outs, I did. The color is vintage soft and all the offerings from the Graphic Fairy are amazing...if you have a project- you have to check Karen out..she is on my side bar, look at todays fun graphic,let your imagination run ...
 Now use Mod Podge, this one is Gloss Lustre...but they have Matt and An Out Door product..this stuff will give a firm finish and a more professional polish, to what Elmers and water will do...So with the combination of these tools and a little water I cover our Makeover girl...If you get your paper wet you reduce wrinkles and you can push out the bubbles...with a credit card...so lets get messy, and this is the one part! you will get messy! with Mod Podge it is hard to help, but I do suggest use a paper plate and pour a little on the plate, work off the plate not from the jar, use an old brush,because when you are done it will be shot. Use both under the sheet and over- sealing the sheet to your surface. 
So whats next for the makeover after all this De Co Page is done,,, lets look

 The entire form has been covered so she can be used without the skirt..but for a can-can kick,I had found this great little petticoat with layers and layers to give your skirt a sweep. I then used Burlap,to give the waistline a more finished touch. I did a little Burlap at the neckline too..the skirt can be worn alone. 
I displayed Miss Oui'La La on my table and pulled a few pretty's I have..I think the pictures would have been better with out...but one step at a time with learning....picture taking ....It's not my effort to improve the pic,I think it's my staging and the camera it'self....some day a better camera for improved pic's
Check out Miss Mustard Seeds latest post on pictures taking for your blog. She is also on my side bar...so hop on over, good points...

 This is close up of one of the items I used in my staging. A pretty shell full of beads my mom wore on her wedding day,some of my Dad's Pocket watches, and some of my grandmothers vintage pins...as well as some pretty rocks,Quartz and touches of Mica, a little group of things I love, and will some day go to my grand Daughter Alexandria....she loves shinny and pretty,My necklaces are never safe with her...so a final shot of Oui'La La with some costume beads that will go with her..I added another set when I placed her in the store...she sits pretty in a lovely chair waiting for her new home, .....I hope you liked a short version, of how to take a mannequin from O so sad to o so glad to give a high kick....Thank you as always for your comments,suggestions and if you have a question I will try to answer via email....See you next time...A wardrobe is in my Future, So out with my trusty Crocs...and lets get the paint out...
To my new follower's a heartfelt thank you!!!time for a little blog hop.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a little Christmas in July,  several fun Bloggers are hosting an event called Christmas in July.Take a peak by jumping on the COWGIRL on my sidebar. 

I made this over sized Holiday Star for an event in November, when we do a Open House. Yes I have done the vintage wreaths with lyrics, and many other fun paper crafts you see all over blog land for the holidays ( I know hard to think in this heat)but a cool crisp day would  be nice. Are you  dealing with 100 temps. Yes Summmer heat has hit!  but I will not complain. Nope after last years over 60 plus days of 100 degree's in Texas. O0p's off track again.....so lets get back to Christmas in July. Let me show you a Holiday star worthy of a large Fireplace...or a tall wall....now this will look a lil funny,cause I did a quick shot and you will see green plants too..

So I will keep it real and say ,busy on a wardrobe and this was a short diversion,to sit down and blog hop for a bit and enjoy some lemonade....

                  A TEXAS SIZE STAR IN HOLIDAY MUSIC SHEETS-  with a little
                  glitter silver spray, and a burlap hanger. What do you think???

Ok now if you decide you want to do this,  get some wired fencing,yeap that stuff  that is rolled up,you can cut up shapes and it holds up pretty well. All the cut edges can be rolled back so no rough edges. Then start folding and folding and folding....wrap the rolled music sheet around each strand and keep a star shape in mind...or what ever you think up....Plan on a full day of folding and if needed you may have to tea stain your sheets. Yes I did,  to all of these sheets ...this was a 235 page book, so plan on some time to make this...Over sized Star

This would look pretty against red and I plan on using an over-sized frame I have not sold yet to frame this star. So Christmas in July .....a little side trip plus for many bloggers out their- they start now....so they have their inventory ready in Oct....when events kick off....Happy creating and try to stay cool where ever you are.......Off to the wardrobe with my trusty paint croc's

Sunday, July 22, 2012

PAINTING AND PAINTING AND PAINTING...with ANNIE SLOAN  CHALK PAINT and a little Behr flat...and some ASCP Dark Wax.....

So showing you what this piece looked like, before I started the task of  make me pretty and ready for a new home....starts with- get the paint croc's on...

So do your projects start out with getting out your paint croc's and a pair of capri's, that have seen better days....well this is how mine, all ways start out...

 Ok this has to get better.....I picked this up from a Craigs listing..what was I thinking.....well I can make it better ....I can I can I can...I kept telling myself
 all I can say is yuckyyyy...tear off all that old nasty material....so I did
 The table or course needed some work, a leg had broken and their repair was lacking in correctly fixing the problem. So out comes the tools...and the ever handy Hubby.What would we blog crazy girls do with out our hub's...
So like usual the Picnic table comes in handy,as a work bench...he rebuilt this whole sides framework, and  now it is correct. The only way things should be...

So do you like the material....brand new and so pretty in blue...only 6 chairs to paint, all in  Annie Sloan old White plus fix any loose screws and their we're a few. After all the chairs were painted white and fixed...I then painted over with a wash of flat paint in a pretty turq/blue tone...some clear wax and distress...then new feets on each of the chairs legs ...so will not scratch floors....again 6 chairs,all those rungs and legs over and over....what was I thinking...I can, i will ......I hope she will be pretty and will these chairs ever get done......so look ....

 So what do you think,I took these pictures at the shop where I set them up...lighting is tough....so as you can see....yeap all those legs,and rungs painted and now a pretty seat of a great tapestry look...with a little more padding tucked in...and the table I painted in two coats of old white,then on top I taped and created the center line...kinda grain sack style...I left a little of the white and then added a little of the blue, from the chairs...tying the look together.
I then did threes layers of dark wax and controlled the waxing to just the top and stained the edging...I had sanded down the whole top for a real smooth finish...I did a lil a very lil distressing on the table legs...The leave was painted on the edges to match the sides....a farm style that originally had a spanish look.....I hope she will find a new home and they will find her to be pretty and they will have lots of great family memories around her....she is sizable and the chairs have generous seats for lounging...she is not old  I would say late 80's... but with some I can effort ,and lots of hours  of painting....I think I did it....she is now ........Pretty in a cottage blue sorta way....what do you  think...worth what I priced her....270.00 for the whole set.....

Ok I thought I would show you a few other things around the shop,some new and some that I feel will be tough in today's market trend in antique land...

These items will sell...old wagon wheels -really two matching...and old ladders move well,grain sacks you bet they sell. Wire storage yes they sell...well,Trunks are suppose to be a trend this year in collectibles..and I set up this display with 5 various sizes...old bottle still move and a fun sock monkey in the chair...this is downstairs,  before you head up the steps....
This is a new vendor and she has a cool eye,this chair she updated with a vintage blanket,,,and the pillows she makes...lots of turq,red and yellow is her style with a lil black,love that groovy yellow ice bucket and you get a good shot of the wide plank floors upstairs...uneven and things can fall through...
 This is part of Pats booth too...love the lamp she made from a bird house..and the croquet balls in a bowl,so cool...love the mallots in the milk jug....
 Do you notice those cool nesting tables..in turq- formica so 50's cool...imagine a Mad Men martini sitting on one of those....and again love the colors 
 Ok now this is some of my stuff.This is one of a set,a cathedral alter set of candle sticks...a pair,they can be  arranged in a v shape,slant or the shape as shown...these are from ST Ambrose church of Deadwood So.Dak. they we're used  in my grandparents 5oth,my aunts 50th and my folks 40th..and my 30th...I don't know I have them priced at true value may be I want to keep them...some prettys in ruby red in this set up...rich and somewhat old world
 Yeap these Tobie's have been in our family for a long time,and the kerosene lamp has such detail,the tea set is Limogene...these are things that are tough sells in today's antique trend but the detail and effort to create such beauty has to be appreciated...so I hope you liked the little view of some of my other stuff...and come back to visit soon...when I create something new to oogle...

I love your comments and thank you very much for the newest follower's this week,  I thought I would tell you my dresser- from my LAST POST already sold,one week and she has a new home. A trendy young lady moving in to  her first place.....perfect. So time to find another dresser to work on....hmmmm

Friday, July 13, 2012

PAINT and Learning....new methods. Make your own Chalk Paint. I still feel I need to work on this a little more before,I head into some instructions on how to do this...But their are some great Blogs out their with more info,for those of you, who wish to try this your self. No Minimalist Here has some great tips and she inspires us to try it ourselves with such grace. Then Candy at Pickin and Paintin has some more insight into, details. I think I am finished with this piece and since it was late and no sun shine, This pic comes from my little Sun Porch turned into Kat's corner of kalamities and creativity.  Most of the time it is a calamity with one project or another ....This is where I paint because it has 2 doors ,I can open to the outdoors and screen's on two sides for good ventilation. So I am shut'in up so you can look at my Subway Dresser.

 So what is your opinion. I hope someone finds this a fun piece. I am torn on the knobs, I was leaving the original dark one's on. But the bottom two we're missing so added a fun twist,my plan was to put them on the top,but these are  really unusual knobs..they are seated in . The white is better when it falls on a letter like London......since Keep Austin Weird is a Texas thing -I did an slant on the S.  Since New Orleans is a fun party place a little slant on the O. Since New York is the city that does not sleep a slant on the O  and London,has it fun spots so a little slant again. Do you know the zip code. It is for the White House. In your Journeys you may have lots of place's you want to go. These are some of the top 25,as reviewed by several top travel venues.

Ok this is straight on with the paint cloth and all. This dresser is one heavy girl,she is very solid I mean really solid wood top to bottom. She has two small drawers,and then her drawers get wider with each step down. I estimate she is around 30-40 years old...not a antique yet, but a true vintage charmer..with a new makeover ....for some hip young lady. Hope she sells as well as my other dresser makeovers..Usually within the month of my taking to the shop( Moore and Garrett located in Belton,TX) a really cool shop of over 100 years old. Lots of character and we have over 100 vendors now.

OK! I have got to clean my finger nails,dark wax is messy. PS you can wash your croc's in the Dish washer they clean up really well with a lil pre-treat.

Thank you for the comments I have recently received, you guys rock and I need to Roll out of here, So until next time- My thanks for each comment and those who have recently opted to follow me....Thank you,Kat
PAINTING, A LITTLE ANNIE SLOAN AND A LITTLE MAKE YOUR OWN CHALK PAINT.  Don't look under my finger nails they will tell a story,and don't look at my croc's their a mess. O' how I envy a blogger who has real space for a project room or a place to take pics...But it is not really envy as much as wishing...So here are a few pics of what I am working on,some done and some in progress. Some you will have to imagine! what will she do with that ol thing....

 So do you love this little chair, I found her at the shop and she was so sad, Beige blonde blah,and the seat was a sore bottom flat, So I pulled out a little sample pot of Emperor's Silk Red . Now I am  not a red girl,but this red could be the one to make me believe. The seat I added some more cush for someones tush,and then covered...I love the Hollywood Regal  look....I can imagine Liz sitting  on this one. I redid this little frame I found,first the red and then over-layed with craft gloss black and then a lil Annie Dark Wax...I thought prettier to stick something in her So I had some scrap book paper I picked up and printed this lovely pic of Audrey ...I have to do a post and tell you the name of the blog where I found her...a delightful lady from down under in Ausie land.The pics are  free. I loved this one because of the saying. I still believe in Fairy-tales...really fun quotes. 
 This is another shot of the chair, I hope you like her -I think I will call her Audrey for now and when she finds a new home. They can give her a new name. O by the way, do you see a few of my rocks, yeap I have hauled them from all my hikes...and my son's O their backs...I ruined a few pack backs in the process. But where I live their is no dirt and anything you grow the deer eat.SO
So now this is work in progress, a dresser that is partially done, I got brave and decided to make my own chalk paint. Now I will get down with the details, In my next post but I want to give you a preview. This way when you go to try this you will have a heads up. On what to expect. I will tell you this is flat paint mixed with plaster of paris and water....it is a lil work to find the right mix. I am not saying I have it down. But I am making it work...and here is a teaser of work in progress. 

This is the top,looks pretty good and mixing paint and plaster of paris leaves a really chalk look so I know I have more to learn on these steps...

OK so do you see the top three drawers and then do you see the bottom dressers,top three are close to done and the bottom are what the paint looks like with out the dark wax I used to finish the look I wanted..Now it may be because I am using black tones that you have such a chalky look. This is a mix of flat black and a deep eggplant tone with the plaster of Paris.

So this is how it looks to work in Home made chalk paint,when you are still in the process of learning the in's and outs...Now my next post I will get more detailed and tell you some other blogs to check out details.Their are several ways to make your own chalk paint...this is just one way. This piece has two layers first I did an old white paint all over with a little Linen I had left. Then I used Hobby Lobby letters.  These are the peal and stick style. I then painted in black tones...then used up my Annie Sloan dark wax. I want some BRIWAX but no one local...so I ordered on line....and going for more dark wax tomorrow, so I can finish this one...then I will show you when she is all pretty... OK so do you want to see crazy....

What do you think this is,it is upside down. I believe if I am persistent  I can fix anything. So we will see what I do with this....I see a dry bar what do u see,besides a mess....this one is a Roadside pickup I just loved the real wood and the curvy legs....I am thinking shades of blue and some cream...or dramatic egg-plant.  So until next time,thank you for you comments!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The POWER of PAINT and PATIENCE .....O my but this piece...I do not know ...if I am done yet...I want your opinions...So lets start at the beginning...I bought this at the store...and forgot to take a before picture...the top was chewed up! and the wood is so old that it drank paint...So let me show you what it looks like now .....and you tell me what,if anything I should do before Thursday when I take it to the shop....and let me say, as you look at this,I did the top three times ...and started over.....SO HERE YOU GO>>>>>>

 OK I know the garage is the not the best place,for a picture. But it is very! late my work room- at this time,I do not want to show you...as a major mess. SO MANY projects. This one Kicked my .....you know the word. The painting overall is ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT in old white a stable paint for me. I painted the inside of the top two drawers too. The piece was sitting very low.So I added wheels that have a great rusty patina. The knobs...in good shape...But I just love adding fun to a piece. These came from Hobby Lobby. They we're running a 50% off on Monday ....So you still have a chance to stock pile...I love the white and cream mix and the Roman Numerals..clock look....
Now the picture below....You see both the piece I hope you think,OK done , Your finished! Plus another piece to work on...Taking my cue from MMS a teaser of sorts...what will I do with the big black dresser with the wood putty in the broken veneer...I love real wood...and this is real wood. But I love something more Raw. But it was a fair price. 55.00 did I pay to much. I think 40-50'S in Age.  I  hope you will be happy with what I do...to this big black dresser....I am thinking subway style...but I am playing with a TEXAS twist. SO do  you see all the touches, I did on this little dresser..Great for a night-stand. I love small dresser's for nightstand. This one would be fun with a collection of clocks on it...as TIME is what I was thinking as I did this...I did the top...OVER AND OVER>>>at one time the top was all clocks...The GRAFIC FAIRY has so many to offer...but it looked tooo much,I tore off and sanded then  did again with a different look and tore off again...I think this falls with Less is more...and maybe just right...What do you think

 IF you look above, you notice I settled on a couple of pocket watches, and then I had this piece of a broken headboard. I had made it into a wall hook accent.DID not sell- so try try again...I brought it  home and thought this might look good with  this and I wanted an accent...is the black too much...I kinda like how it brings out the black in the decopag'e watches and the roman numerals in the knobs..and the wheels...so a mix of Old white, A little Linen a touch of Graphite in layers on the paint. Plus even in the garage...I had to do a little visual in the Pic.....So do you like the accents.
 OK this is fun stuff...The OWL will be for sale...It was a old gold tone...I used ASCP old white and just hit it with a paint brush...I think so fun....now! and sitting on a collection of  books...So I pulled some of my antique books.(Thanks Daddy) and stacked them with some of my collection of pocket watches,or I should say- my DAD's collection...MY sis and I split it 50-50...I have 6 and my son has 3 and my sister has 9 too...So a total of 18 pocket watches...And I love them all! but the one that shows the gears..I adore. The old books,yes I do not tear them all up! to make something pretty,These are really old and special to me...I am a avid reader as well as my DAD so with this I am showing you some of what I Create and also what I love...hope you like
Ok this shows the top plus and the backdrop with the pocket watches...so I think less is more and Kat don't do anymore....what is your opinion...Now I said I did this over and over...and think that less is more. The raised old headboard  is chalk paint so a little message can be written. I did a little distress on the top so it is balanced with the front. I am thinking I will price for 130.00 my discount is 20% standard. So 104.00 for a pretty solid wood dresser,or nite stand. The owl will go to the store too,,, 
 This shows a touch inside the dresser...both top drawers painted inside with a clocks inside....Time does go fast...have you ever read all the quotes on time. Amazing how many people have talked about the waste of time...and Ben Franklin had some amazing quotes..Now below you are looking at at the corner...this corner is rough,all the wood had been chewed up here...and I used up a sanding pad,in the process of smoothing if out, I always want the person who buys this...to say thanks, for thinking ahead...All sanded smooth...pretty to boot.I hope done to your tastes...and wheels to go.Plus waxed for protection from wear.The insides painted for a clean feel... Graphic Fairy I love!!.
I printed out all the watches,and cut with a cuticle scissors.Perfect for small corners. Modpodge is a great choice in any de'copage you do...I have used both matt and glossy. Use a lil water in the mix.
Now I am a NEWBIE,and I would love to make this point at the bottom...But alas some kind of kalamity and not letting me get their...SO I want to wish each and all a Happy 4rth of July,and to take advantage of time.Time with Family,Time with Friends and Time to Create. To all my Followers and those that View my blog,THANK  YOU ! I am still a small blog but I am growing,with u'r help.