Friday, December 21, 2012

Updated pic,of the dresser....now pretty in place at the shop..Annie Sloan paint Success....check off the train going down the track ....I think I can...now my garage you can move with this huge piece at the store....can you see the plan I had, I will say a recent comment took me to a wonderful example....of a similar dresser with stenciling on top...Next time...I will do that,if I get a Silhouette..Dear Santa, I have tried being a good girl! it is so hard.....

Hope this gives you a better idea and many thanks for stopping by....Hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and may we keep the spirit of the season on our hearts year round.

 See you on the next project, on the road to go see my treasures,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A quick post...do you love art....do you love beauty.....do you love good causes...then hop over to ART IS BEAUTY....She had such a great idea!!!
For funding to Sandy Hooks,Elementary take a moment and hop over to her blog.
She is on my sidebar, so take a look at her amazing art and consider the good cause!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping it real, and a dresser to show and Thank yous too, so this a crazy post..if I say Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it will bring people...but today Keeping it Real.

Hi Guys,yeap I am from the Midwest originally. This is a little, oops! should  say a big!  ugly 80's Dresser,weighs a ton big! and had a mirror that I discarded as it was too yuck. But this is the real picture in the garage...and not staged pretty! Keeping it real ...as the pic is in a garage folks...how many of us in Vintage Redo? Make it over! or add our out of box work> in our garage or basement (MMS) and I was running out of time....The pic is a little yellow due to the garage fluorescent lights....out side is better any day for true color....So this is the dresser and I said good bye to the country mirror. So guys what do you think, does she have a little updated look.

 I painted her completely in ASCP Old ochre,first time to use this color, kinda like it...she was painted completely in this color...inside the drawers...inside the doors, inside the drawers behind the doors...and then I used French Linen,of which I used on the coffee table turned into a ottoman...I slapped paint on and then used a sanding pad...and evened it out...this was a trial and error type of paint treatment. I just did not want a basic Old White base...too many doing that.... 
 OK the top is a flat chalk look paint, with a buffed sanded finish over the French Linen in this area...then I sanded and Used the Dark Wax over the whole top...
 The pulls I painted with a homemade chalk paint of black and eggplant, I have used several times...I then waxed the pulls. The top I used the same paint. A Mix of Rustoleum flat black and Behr Eggplant and some Plaster of Paris...The paint I mixed, but the addition of the Plaster of Paris comes only when I use...Boy this was a big piece! This took 2 days from start to finish...do you think 200.00 is fair...

Close up on the details...the groves,lots of sanding. The edging also sanding and waxed, the corners all sanded. The handles, your should have seen my hands a black mess..but painted and  then waxed....to team with the top...

Behind the doors, a full three more drawers, big and deep....perfect for lots of stuff

See big drawers for lots of stuff...this was in the late stage of work...So what ya think so far....and you have to love my paint cloth,currently in the washer...very Pollack art look..My hubby Mr Kalamitie had to fix the door, broken.
This is a shot of the top from one end to the other...painted. Waxed. then sanded.Then buffed...a matt look with edges sanded and waxed...I was trying for a more sophisticated look,Nix the country look...what ya think? Did I do it.

Was I right ugly, 80's pine very heavy pine with a veneer...not pretty. So Yeh or Nah
did I do it, a better look from a sad fate ....I think yes....

At the shop, I did not take upstairs...too )(&(^^&)*)(+)+k heavy, My wonderful Mr Kalamity, ran by the house to help me, please those in education...and this is where some of why I did not get a picture at the shop, when I made it pretty with fun stuff on top,,,is it a Dresser or a side board...I think in our world it can be what your want...But Mr Kalamity said whats wrong...you look like you do not feel well and swollen on your left cheek...you need to see a doctor Now....but I have so much!,

I placed this with the dresser... they kinda looked cool together, if I get by the shop, I will try to get a picture...but why did I not take a pic,when setup looked so cool! when I placed it..back to my hubby saying what is wrong...I took my temp before leaving yeap a temp, I had a ear ache for a month...but now a fever and headache,and swollen lopes and my cheekbone is tender and all feel hot and pain yes...plus red across my cheek...Yeap he said GO NOW to the doctor, So I did! I love the minor emergency that our local hospital has created...TOP 100 in the county Scott and White..and My Doc she is from Yugoslavia and she checked it out...yeap a raging ear infection, limp nodes swollen and sinus track all infected and spread into my skin...now this is not to get pity....it is to tell those of us, who will try too tough it out...get REAL and take care of yourself!
So one shot of antibiotics...and then a tetanus because she is just a good DOC..then a prescription for more antibiotics...feeling kinda loopy with all that fighting the infection....SO that is why I said keep it real!!!

OK so guess what also happened today when I stopped by the shop...All of this sold today.When I thought so late...and promising myself to start Christmas sooner next year..but all this stuff sold, the door to a fellow vendor who says it looks so cool in her home next to the tree...how cool is that.... 

 MY two tone burlap MMS ruffled tree skirt sold...I delivered..cool

 My silk satin sold too....and the same customer bought guess what....O I wish I had been their, I would have shown her the  Christmas ball...would look good with the look, the wreath too....overall a fun original look for the holiday...upstairs I have a wreath with music also....I would love to do a whole vintage room for next years holiday...like what Luckett's does...have you ever looked at their stuff! so cool fun
 She bought the garland too...I really think the Christmas music balls would have been a nice accent....my retail experience talking....So one day my sales jumped...Yippee
So what else am I thankful for, I am over 9000 readers...yeap I know for some not a big deal, but for me...to think some of what I have done has been seen by people all over the world....amazes me...So a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

A special thank you to MMS as so many, come to me via her Friday Furniture Link party, many come via link parties, many via Pintrest thank you Miss Bliss as she has pinned many of my items...several others on my sidebar, who have link parties are part of more success on my blog..A thank you to each and all...and take care of yourself....cause if you are not healthy you can not take care of other...

SO my Thanks!  to each of you, for those who do Link parties, to those who follow me, to those who comment and to those who read me...now comments..read my comments on the last post, and go to the gal in Malaysia  her Denim Tree will amaze you and I must  need pin....I think I will do that now...PS even MMS gave her a KUDO

DID you see !I did my pin board...

Thank you guys,see you on the next post...and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Peace filled 2013 with NO news of acts, that hurt and cause us to  ask why....

BOY Kat ,chatty, is it the shots and antibiotics......I know I have spelled something wrong, that is the real me...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Imagination!

 Yeap, a little imagination and some paint and this is what I came up with. So would you like this at the end of your bed, or a really good size living room. Can you guess what it is or should I say was?

I love the lines and details. Now you notice them, with the attention to distressing and wax. So you might ask how did I get this driftwood look in the paint treatment.

This is what you do. Clean a horribly orphaned coffee table from Drexal, good solid wood. With a top that has seen way too much sun thus the finish had fallen apart. So sorry to say lack of taking a before picture...Just imagine,faded charm and pealing veneer...not pretty you guys. So I cleaned her up,then sanded some of the edges and got rid of bad veneer strips.. 

Next get out your paint, I started with ASCP old white. Then before dry I went over the whole piece again with ASCP French Linen. I then got out my sanding block, and to be honest some sheets of sandpaper I tear into small pieces for those little corners. 

The next step I used ASCP Dark wax. I put a little on a paper plate and took a soft cloth(old tee) and started waxing in spots. I did not want to wax the whole piece because the dark wax would change the look, just enough to highlight the details. Then a little more sanding in the right spot.

 Now comes the imagination, it was a coffee table. But that top was too far gone, and it just said ottoman to me! So out came some of my foam(we replaced our no# bed and I kept the foam piece. Because it is so firm and an higher quality, very comfy!

I picked up this french inspired fabric from Hancock's, thank you for a 40% sale. I have said it before,material is my weakness. I really do have that champagne thingy going on, because I can pick them. I did a little better this time, steered clear of the $35 material,this one was 24.with 40% off. I needed 2 yards because of the size. 

I think I can I think I can,measure and trim!

Get those wheels going, Finish this project!

I had to get my gears going to figure out how to staple under the lip and not have to lay on the floor.

So once I got moving along. It was chugging on, Pull material, staple,pull, staple,pull staple

I was getting a little bleary eyed once I got all around, cause those darn staples were not going all the way in. 

Then light bulb moment, take two TV trays and make a work bench, hey that it easier  I am not laying on the floor, I used my hammer and pounded the staples in nice and tight. Then around the table again making a clean edge of the fabric and stapling it all in place. Now I think we can pull out of the station.   

What was once a sad orphaned coffee table. Now gets a new lease on life as a pretty French Chic Ottoman

Sorry about the bad tongue in cheek side trip, to the train station. Some pic's I took a while back and played with..But I am feeling a little like the train that is chugging up the hill, I think I can, I think I can. Door done check, chair to a dog feeding chair almost done( My buddy is cutting the hole for the dog bowl) Now the Ottoman.  I think  I can,I think I can, next a little chair. HMMMMM what will my imagination come up with?

Thank you for visiting and I love your comments! They make my Day!
Take care of you and yours, and share a little random kindness Today

Friday, December 14, 2012

I ask WHY and know their is no answer,

My mind is unable to understand the act of 1 individual,and the pain that his act has caused for the families of those in a small  community.

Today our country has a heavy heart,let us unite to pray and hold them in our hearts.Take time today, to hold your own family close.

I am counting the days, when we travel to see my own grand kids..my own treasures. 

My husband is in education, he has done Elementary and He to is thinking of all those life's he has touched and asks the same question. 

WHY? their is no answer

We need some Brave steps in our world to stop the actions of the One so that our next generation has a chance for laughs and smile. 

Prayers for each who has lost a child,a parent a friend ,a grandparent and those who live in this small community. Life for our children  is meant to be feeling loved and light hearted and not  of fear. Prayers that we can find a way to stop these act. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Subway Fun and all I want for Christmas is a 
Silhouette Cameo !!!!

 So can you see why I am asking Santa for a Silhouette. Yes this was a time consuming project...and a little of my crazy OCD it has to be perfect...and I have to learn  to look at what you do..because I had to do a DO OVER.......cause you misspell! I have learned to relook,and do not work at 1AM...
 Their are several layers of paint...what you see is Elegant Finish over ASCP old white...and then Emperors Red then some ASCP Dark wax...
 Got to love Hobby Lobby,the door handles are from their half price sale also  the cabinet knobs...hang your stockings...now the peal and stick letters are not on sale..and with as many as I needed,OUCH price scare...and I forgot my 40% coupon....or I should say my Laptop CRASHED....
So do you like the RED Subway door, I hope someone does....taking to the shop tomorrow.

 So now when Christmas is over, you have  House Rules, or inspiring Words.
So now this would look cool in a kitchen or end of hall..and then I would hang another subway sign.I think cool to layer a another sign, or a chalk board on top of the door...so Hopes this sells...if not....after I finish all the other stuff in my garage...I will come back to this...and attach a small table with two legs to the door....on the black side...I am pricing at 140.00 with my 20% discount
So what do you think, does this show why I want a Silhouette...

So when You are working do you have the tools of the trade out too....it is a little of everything....and I finally learned to punch holes in my ASCP so the paint does not build. Green Frog tape helps to keep lines even....Just reordered  my cards from Vista Print....did you catch their one day sale !

Hope to see you on my next post, working on a chair...that will become a dog feeding chair....I know you have to have seen these, I have done 3 to date and this is number 4......as always thank you for coming by and those that leave comments you are my inspiration to keep posting...Thank you to each...

Hope you got a HUG today,and some random kindness

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas Trim, and a update on our Holiday Party at Marta's Room...Tomorrow...

I am going to leave you with some pretty RED for the holidays....and climb into bed,time to dream .....
I have a door,that my paint job failed....I spelled Silent incorrectly...working at 1am is not always smart....dreaming of the dresser, the 5 chairs,the other chair to turn into a dog chair, another chair to do something crazy, a old sewing machine, a coffee table to make into a ottoman, a ironing board to do subway wording on it....and two little tables to repair and paint plus a chair to reupholster, a sewing storage box to repair and paint...and a old train case to do something as ....time to sleep...tired thinking of all....this...

So hope you like the reds...I did some  and don't you love Marta's red room....O a lot of it sold today.....See you soon and as always thank you for your comments they make my day!

Sweet Dreams.....MMMMM...elves dancing in my head,,,or maybe doing all my projects...a girl can dream....see you soon