Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cowboy up,or Cowgirl Gypsy. Hee Yaw but this was a lot of work. I do believe a western boot scooting some on might like.

  I love to play with color and texture. I like not being boxed into a set style. Furniture has to talk to me. Yeah a furniture whisperer, so what do you want to be......hmmmmm I feel saddle up. Have some fun. OK I can do that so what color. Hmmmmm well blue jeans little lady.  OK I can do that, I think. How do I make paint look like jeans. Like with most I do, I just jump in and go. 

 So I lassoed a waterfall dresser that had lost its spark. Just flat no personality. Thank you Marta
This what it looked like when I picked it up. Boring and this green is can we say Cow Pattie yucky.

 Have I told you I love flat fronts. You can do anything with them. So the dresser said,why not try a trip to Hobby Lobby and see what sparks your imagination little lady. You talking to me? OK off to Hobby Lobby.  Flipping through the posters AHHH AHHHH boots. I am the daughter of a man that liked his boots. Now he wore suits...a banker,a honestly ethical banker. Seriously Ethical but he liked ranching, horses, westerns and history. So boots! I can do that...what else do I need. 

 Hee Ya this one is ready for the ranch,lil lady. Quit calling me little lady I am any thing but little. 
I got out the Ochre by ASCP and painted the whole dresser. Then I painted with Greek blue ASCP and then I sanded and distressed. Then I used a dark glaze. Then I used clear wax...yeah all that.
OK little lady what next.  Ok you are sounding like John Wayne...I am more a Sam Elliot girl.

So after I painted and painted and painted ,including the inside of each drawer. I used a heavy hand with the sanding when the glaze was still damp. I went both vertical and horizontal for a denim texture. Personally I like faded denim...so more sanding..got to work out my arms. So sanding to get a worn denim look. A little more glaze in spots. OK little lady what else did you do to get this look.

See how bright the blue is. Yeah I do love to play in paint. So why do I paint the inside of drawers.
I think cleaning a piece and taking it all the way from sad to stunning,is important. I want the customer to have a clean drawer. This one may become a spot for a little boy and I cleaned all the mud dabbers yea bugs. Then a wash off. Then dry in the sun. Then paint inside and out. Clean.

So little lady? quit calling me that,I am 5'11' I am not little. OK OK how did you get all those boots on that dresser. I bought 2 posters from Hobby Lobby and laid them out marked where to cut. I then tore the edges. Next messy hands take the posters get them wet. Then slather the reverse with Modpodge, I yet to find a glove that lets me work the glue, all over, that doesn't stick. I them set the poster in place. Then Over the top goes antiqued modpodge. Over the top I wiped glaze. Once all dry I used clear. I them buffed. I said my arms need to be worked out. 

I found some great knobs at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately not on sale,durn it....but they so make this   piece pop. I have a ton of frames to paint and this one I could have done more but I though a good wood frame paint to match the color and leave for the person who buys it use it to hang over the dresser with her cowboy. Don't worry about that string just my hang tag. 260.00 with a 20% discount.  The lanterns are not going to the shop, I used them to add color as well as the little boots. These are part of my own collection. The boots were my husbands when he was a boy.

So saddle up and head on down to Moore & Garrett and you can find this dresser.

I snapped a pic when we were traveling. We have been on the road a lot. A trip to see family. Them me several trips to go care for my grand kids. I have played allot of Willie Nelson lately. 
ON the Road Again. My next posting maybe I will show you all the spots we hit on our 3800 mile loop around the country.  

Thank you for visiting and love those who comment. 


Artsy VaVa said...

I am in love the the chest of drawers! Pinning!!!

Bliss said...

Holy catz little lady, opps, not little, did you ever do a poster on something before?

Irene said...

I'm a Sam Elliot girl too. Love the dresser.

Donna said...

What a cute idea for an old dresser! Love it fellow Texan!