Sunday, December 16, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Imagination!

 Yeap, a little imagination and some paint and this is what I came up with. So would you like this at the end of your bed, or a really good size living room. Can you guess what it is or should I say was?

I love the lines and details. Now you notice them, with the attention to distressing and wax. So you might ask how did I get this driftwood look in the paint treatment.

This is what you do. Clean a horribly orphaned coffee table from Drexal, good solid wood. With a top that has seen way too much sun thus the finish had fallen apart. So sorry to say lack of taking a before picture...Just imagine,faded charm and pealing veneer...not pretty you guys. So I cleaned her up,then sanded some of the edges and got rid of bad veneer strips.. 

Next get out your paint, I started with ASCP old white. Then before dry I went over the whole piece again with ASCP French Linen. I then got out my sanding block, and to be honest some sheets of sandpaper I tear into small pieces for those little corners. 

The next step I used ASCP Dark wax. I put a little on a paper plate and took a soft cloth(old tee) and started waxing in spots. I did not want to wax the whole piece because the dark wax would change the look, just enough to highlight the details. Then a little more sanding in the right spot.

 Now comes the imagination, it was a coffee table. But that top was too far gone, and it just said ottoman to me! So out came some of my foam(we replaced our no# bed and I kept the foam piece. Because it is so firm and an higher quality, very comfy!

I picked up this french inspired fabric from Hancock's, thank you for a 40% sale. I have said it before,material is my weakness. I really do have that champagne thingy going on, because I can pick them. I did a little better this time, steered clear of the $35 material,this one was 24.with 40% off. I needed 2 yards because of the size. 

I think I can I think I can,measure and trim!

Get those wheels going, Finish this project!

I had to get my gears going to figure out how to staple under the lip and not have to lay on the floor.

So once I got moving along. It was chugging on, Pull material, staple,pull, staple,pull staple

I was getting a little bleary eyed once I got all around, cause those darn staples were not going all the way in. 

Then light bulb moment, take two TV trays and make a work bench, hey that it easier  I am not laying on the floor, I used my hammer and pounded the staples in nice and tight. Then around the table again making a clean edge of the fabric and stapling it all in place. Now I think we can pull out of the station.   

What was once a sad orphaned coffee table. Now gets a new lease on life as a pretty French Chic Ottoman

Sorry about the bad tongue in cheek side trip, to the train station. Some pic's I took a while back and played with..But I am feeling a little like the train that is chugging up the hill, I think I can, I think I can. Door done check, chair to a dog feeding chair almost done( My buddy is cutting the hole for the dog bowl) Now the Ottoman.  I think  I can,I think I can, next a little chair. HMMMMM what will my imagination come up with?

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Debbiedoo's said...

Very cute pics Kat. Great job on that piece, I really love the fabric. YOu never can go wrong with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Although, I have tried that new La Craie and loving that too...I love their color choices as well.

Bliss said...

It turned out great Kat, makes you wonder some times why you procrastinate huh?


Stacey said...

Very pretty :o)
Thanks for linking up to the party!
Stacey of Embracing Change

karen@somewhatquirky said...

It looks great Kat! Love that fabric. I really like your train station pics!

Valerene Matthews, Malaysia said...

Love your train story and your gorgeous bench..I often have to chug along with my amateur DIY projects and it sometimes seems uphill for too long, too!

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Fabulous job Kat... the paint and the fabric are perfect together!

Tattered Butterfly Studio said...

Coffee Table bench is so clever and I love how you painted it.