Friday, December 14, 2012

I ask WHY and know their is no answer,

My mind is unable to understand the act of 1 individual,and the pain that his act has caused for the families of those in a small  community.

Today our country has a heavy heart,let us unite to pray and hold them in our hearts.Take time today, to hold your own family close.

I am counting the days, when we travel to see my own grand kids..my own treasures. 

My husband is in education, he has done Elementary and He to is thinking of all those life's he has touched and asks the same question. 

WHY? their is no answer

We need some Brave steps in our world to stop the actions of the One so that our next generation has a chance for laughs and smile. 

Prayers for each who has lost a child,a parent a friend ,a grandparent and those who live in this small community. Life for our children  is meant to be feeling loved and light hearted and not  of fear. Prayers that we can find a way to stop these act. 

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sweetvintageofmine said...

beautifully said..beautiful family...Roxie