Saturday, April 21, 2012

                  Hello all,missed you and bad blogger slap my fingers no posts. So this is not all about me
                  or my stuff. A little of around Moore and Garrett & Co. The spot where I sell my treasures
                  Now are you saying treasure you betcha this is perfect for a man cave or fun for a photo
                  junky,just imagine the fun you can have with this old car door,and it is a magnet holder.
                  Plus - Ron added the Dad's Garage signage.Perfect rusty and the mix of color is awsome,
                  Now behind the rusty is pretty. do you see some of the fun stuff around the edges. You
                  need  to see Ron's new home and all his treasures. He has a great eye!

               SEE what he did with this headboard,another one who thinks out of the Box
               fun for the Kitchen and you can hang up all kinds of things now. Organize in style
               Love this one,a door that you can use for Decor or a headboard very sharp with a
               designer look. A charcoal black,with burlap touches. This one adds Drama to your house
                  Ron found some great fabric to make this little stool special,also the clock is very cool
                  do you like Architecture? All kinds for a decor look with a vintage twist.

      SO do you like my school desk,it had a hard live. Some tough kids out their had done a little
      work on this. So I just had fun with ASCP and some green tape. The stripe goes over the top and
      down the back to the fold up seat. This would be fun in your kitchen for a spot to set stuff, the
      school desk is vintage Sears and Roebuck markings on the cast iron legs. To find this just step
      in the door of Moore and Garrett and we say your Welcome.

          Join us in welcoming Donna to Moore and Garrett. Her shop is "A Treasure House" and yes
          she creates treasures,pretty white. The Door is awwwwsome,and some fun accessories too.
          Donna had a great Friday,selling a entire bedroom set. The best way to start with a bang.

      All kinds of pretty touches in the Nestled Bird,Trollie does a wonderful job of creating special
      treats perfect for gifts. The soaps are devine,they smell so good. She has fun coming up with all
      kinds of pretties. With a name like Nestled Bird you got to have some Birds,Sweet Pretty!
                                                Had do say thank you for visiting again
             This is a bird bath,full of sea shells  and a little birdie snuck in. The bird bath
             features fish swiming up stream in concrete. The Nestled Bird is now downstairs.
       This is another shot of Trollies booth, she has made some really pretty items with moss and
        teacups. She also has done some with frames, a great gift for spring and really great for a
        spring mantle display. Two locations,on the main floor so check out these spots when you
                                                          visit Moore and Garrett  Co.
                                                          downtown Belton,Tx...........
So have you spotted some pretty touches for your decor,or if you are a vintage junky
this is a great place to start,over 90 vendors under one roof. From front to back,backroom
is for the guys especially and then upstairs where more of my stuff hangs out. Hope too see you
                                                             SOON and Thank you for coming By

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