Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello all, Time for me to do a posting while working on a table I picked up at Moore and Garrett. The finish was a bubbly sticky mess. So when I am done that will be added to my blog. But I am going to show you a couple of things I just finished. First up is a wedding cake,yes you have seen this but a twist on this one....so take a look and see if you like. This cake is going to Stephanie at Gatherings in Georgetown,TX. She has a awsome shop and this is just one of about three I need to do for her.

So do you notice the cake is one you can seperate the top from the bottom. Each stands on its own as pretty vintage but I did this idea for several reasons. One to get a cake this larger size is more difficult when doing the roll from spine of the book. So I roll each and attach to the paper mache box. The top section is indeed a single section of an old dictionary,where I roll each sheet back to the spine and hot glue. Each page is done the same way around and around until I have a perfect layer for the cake. I use a level to make sure every thing is perfect. The larger box is decorated with old doilys,Thank you Grandma Hazel. I tea stain the ribbon and doily,to recreate a pretty large layer. If you notic the cakes sit on my table and the rug you see is from Afganistan,my son brought it back from his first tour.He was in the Marine Corp. This rug serves as my table cloth so to speak,never has been on the floor as I want to keep it pretty. He carried it all the way back,so I want to take care of it. The off to the side rocks you see,yes I have collected rocks all my live and I have a basket full of really pretty special rocks picked up from some of my hikes.

Ok now you see how the top section is seperate from the bottom for storge needs much easier. Also can be used on its own. Then the bottom layer opens up and inside is a Thank You to the GRAPHIC FAIRY and all her wonderful images. The top lid has a sweet kissing doves with a to and from spot. The bottom is again sweet wedding doves and a ring exchange that I cut out and decopaged on . The music sheets also came from the same great spot. As I wanted no words jjust the music notes. My thought is a hiding place for cards,mementoes or love letters. I use a stain rag to age the look of the box and graphics. To make one of these with all the rolling,hot glueing,printing and cutting. Tea staining and so on. This takes around 12 solid hours of creating. The coffee filter roses alone is about 2 hours alone for all these,that I layer around the cake. This time I used a little burlap inbetween each rose for contrast. Hope you like this look and leave a comment for your ideas.

Ok now I picked up this shelf at Moore and Garrett,it was a knotty pine look without the knotty. I let furniture talked to me. Usually it will tell me what it wants to be. This little piece said Duck egg blue from ASCP ,very similar to Provence just not as turquoise.  I thought about the back,so many things would just fall off the back. So I used a piece of cedar pressed board that we used in a closet.Since I am trying to be Scot's frugal I thought use this. The shelf is solid 40's wood but the backing is a smart choice as ,I coverred it with a tin texured treatment. This is a roll that can be used for ceilings or walls.Great for coverring tough yucky on walls and adds a great look. I picked this up from Lowes. You will see more of this,to fix broken up veneer on a wardrobe that will get a redo.Also more ideas to use for inside some drawers on a dresser I will be doing. So the back board is coverred in the texurred look of a tin ceiling. I started using some real Tin I had,put removed when I cut myself on the tin. Better to use the tin in a safer meathod. I'm thinking?

 I really like the mix of blue with the ultra white. Very cool for a Kitchen. I could see some fun vintage cookware with cook books. Do you like the mix of Red with light blue. I do,the distressing I did shows up as red in the pics. Really is more pine coppery. The garage is not the best place for a picture but many of us in blog land do this on occassion. The lightining shows yellow on top,no really the same blue just poor lighting. I am thinking I will price at 50.00 this way I will probably get 40.00. Generally a discount is asked for. So do you like my painting.On this one I attached my new cards as the price ticket. I think I am going to offer my services for painting. But only if the customer is willing on ASCP. The only thing I feel really comfortable using. BUT have you heard the big news. I think Big news in blogland. The best Blogger,Miss Mustand Seed yeap. Not only will a book be coming out that she is finishing up the details on. But she is now going to have her own line in Milk Paint. She will be offering it online as well as her location The Luckett House. Check out her Blog.WOW

Time to sign off for now. Thank you for stopping be I really am happy when you leave a comment!!
You make my day with suggestions,ideas even a critisism is welcome,this is the way I learn. I will learn how to make my pic's bigger soon. Thank you again and take care until the next posting, Bye

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