Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The POWER of PAINT and PATIENCE .....O my but this piece...I do not know ...if I am done yet...I want your opinions...So lets start at the beginning...I bought this at the store...and forgot to take a before picture...the top was chewed up! and the wood is so old that it drank paint...So let me show you what it looks like now .....and you tell me what,if anything I should do before Thursday when I take it to the shop....and let me say, as you look at this,I did the top three times ...and started over.....SO HERE YOU GO>>>>>>

 OK I know the garage is the not the best place,for a picture. But it is very! late my work room- at this time,I do not want to show you...as a major mess. SO MANY projects. This one Kicked my .....you know the word. The painting overall is ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT in old white a stable paint for me. I painted the inside of the top two drawers too. The piece was sitting very low.So I added wheels that have a great rusty patina. The knobs...in good shape...But I just love adding fun to a piece. These came from Hobby Lobby. They we're running a 50% off on Monday ....So you still have a chance to stock pile...I love the white and cream mix and the Roman Numerals..clock look....
Now the picture below....You see both the piece I hope you think,OK done , Your finished! Plus another piece to work on...Taking my cue from MMS a teaser of sorts...what will I do with the big black dresser with the wood putty in the broken veneer...I love real wood...and this is real wood. But I love something more Raw. But it was a fair price. 55.00 did I pay to much. I think 40-50'S in Age.  I  hope you will be happy with what I do...to this big black dresser....I am thinking subway style...but I am playing with a TEXAS twist. SO do  you see all the touches, I did on this little dresser..Great for a night-stand. I love small dresser's for nightstand. This one would be fun with a collection of clocks on it...as TIME is what I was thinking as I did this...I did the top...OVER AND OVER>>>at one time the top was all clocks...The GRAFIC FAIRY has so many to offer...but it looked tooo much,I tore off and sanded then  did again with a different look and tore off again...I think this falls with Less is more...and maybe just right...What do you think

 IF you look above, you notice I settled on a couple of pocket watches, and then I had this piece of a broken headboard. I had made it into a wall hook accent.DID not sell- so try try again...I brought it  home and thought this might look good with  this and I wanted an accent...is the black too much...I kinda like how it brings out the black in the decopag'e watches and the roman numerals in the knobs..and the wheels...so a mix of Old white, A little Linen a touch of Graphite in layers on the paint. Plus even in the garage...I had to do a little visual in the Pic.....So do you like the accents.
 OK this is fun stuff...The OWL will be for sale...It was a old gold tone...I used ASCP old white and just hit it with a paint brush...I think so fun....now! and sitting on a collection of  books...So I pulled some of my antique books.(Thanks Daddy) and stacked them with some of my collection of pocket watches,or I should say- my DAD's collection...MY sis and I split it 50-50...I have 6 and my son has 3 and my sister has 9 too...So a total of 18 pocket watches...And I love them all! but the one that shows the gears..I adore. The old books,yes I do not tear them all up! to make something pretty,These are really old and special to me...I am a avid reader as well as my DAD so with this I am showing you some of what I Create and also what I love...hope you like
Ok this shows the top plus and the backdrop with the pocket watches...so I think less is more and Kat don't do anymore....what is your opinion...Now I said I did this over and over...and think that less is more. The raised old headboard  is chalk paint so a little message can be written. I did a little distress on the top so it is balanced with the front. I am thinking I will price for 130.00 my discount is 20% standard. So 104.00 for a pretty solid wood dresser,or nite stand. The owl will go to the store too,,, 
 This shows a touch inside the dresser...both top drawers painted inside with a clocks inside....Time does go fast...have you ever read all the quotes on time. Amazing how many people have talked about the waste of time...and Ben Franklin had some amazing quotes..Now below you are looking at at the corner...this corner is rough,all the wood had been chewed up here...and I used up a sanding pad,in the process of smoothing if out, I always want the person who buys this...to say thanks, for thinking ahead...All sanded smooth...pretty to boot.I hope done to your tastes...and wheels to go.Plus waxed for protection from wear.The insides painted for a clean feel... Graphic Fairy I love!!.
I printed out all the watches,and cut with a cuticle scissors.Perfect for small corners. Modpodge is a great choice in any de'copage you do...I have used both matt and glossy. Use a lil water in the mix.
Now I am a NEWBIE,and I would love to make this point at the bottom...But alas some kind of kalamity and not letting me get their...SO I want to wish each and all a Happy 4rth of July,and to take advantage of time.Time with Family,Time with Friends and Time to Create. To all my Followers and those that View my blog,THANK  YOU ! I am still a small blog but I am growing,with u'r help.


Full Circle Creations said...

I think your dresser looks great! Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!


Karen Watson said...

I love this, I think it's perfect!!! Great color choice and the graphics have just the right feel for that piece!

Tani@Tagana Rose said...

It is gorgeous...I love the colour you chose!!! You have a wonderful blog and I look forward to catching up on previous posts!!
Best wishes from Australia,

(P.S Thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment on our blog - we truly appreciate it!!)

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I like the black back piece. The 4 clocks may be too many, but that's just my opinion. Nice job!

michele said...

hallelujah, the power of paint!

stop by if you have a moment as i just posted a giveaway:

smiles to you.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love the clocks and the clocks in the drawer is such a great idea!! I think you should charge more, I bet you will get it...I think it is perfect!


Bliss said...

I'm a little disappointed...... I thought it was yellow (I know ...garage lighting!). I was thinking what a fun sunny little piece. I like white too, I never take chances everything I do is white, so I was thinking you busted out and would lead me! Send it off to the shop, someone will snap it up in yellow or white!

Thanks for linking at the Hot Fun in the Summertime party.


Holly @ Bella Nest said...

Love this! The pocket watches are so much fun! I have some clock stencils I was going to use on a dresser but I chickened out! You have inspired me!

Candy said...

The piece turned out great....and the clock graphics reaaally added the perfect touch.