Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a little Christmas in July,  several fun Bloggers are hosting an event called Christmas in July.Take a peak by jumping on the COWGIRL on my sidebar. 

I made this over sized Holiday Star for an event in November, when we do a Open House. Yes I have done the vintage wreaths with lyrics, and many other fun paper crafts you see all over blog land for the holidays ( I know hard to think in this heat)but a cool crisp day would  be nice. Are you  dealing with 100 temps. Yes Summmer heat has hit!  but I will not complain. Nope after last years over 60 plus days of 100 degree's in Texas. O0p's off track again.....so lets get back to Christmas in July. Let me show you a Holiday star worthy of a large Fireplace...or a tall wall....now this will look a lil funny,cause I did a quick shot and you will see green plants too..

So I will keep it real and say ,busy on a wardrobe and this was a short diversion,to sit down and blog hop for a bit and enjoy some lemonade....

                  A TEXAS SIZE STAR IN HOLIDAY MUSIC SHEETS-  with a little
                  glitter silver spray, and a burlap hanger. What do you think???

Ok now if you decide you want to do this,  get some wired fencing,yeap that stuff  that is rolled up,you can cut up shapes and it holds up pretty well. All the cut edges can be rolled back so no rough edges. Then start folding and folding and folding....wrap the rolled music sheet around each strand and keep a star shape in mind...or what ever you think up....Plan on a full day of folding and if needed you may have to tea stain your sheets. Yes I did,  to all of these sheets ...this was a 235 page book, so plan on some time to make this...Over sized Star

This would look pretty against red and I plan on using an over-sized frame I have not sold yet to frame this star. So Christmas in July .....a little side trip plus for many bloggers out their- they start now....so they have their inventory ready in Oct....when events kick off....Happy creating and try to stay cool where ever you are.......Off to the wardrobe with my trusty paint croc's


Through The Garden Gate said...

LOVE your star!!! Looks like you have been a busy Chick also! Thanks for your visit...Great work! xXoOx

Full Circle Creations said...

Love it! Great job. I never thought of making one in a shape. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


The Feathered Nest said...

Just GORGEOUS!!! What a wonderful idea to create a star!! hugs and love, Dawn

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

The star turned out great. 235 pages, huh?

Bliss said...

Pinned this, it's awesome.