Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thank you very much!!!! This is short and sweet, I now am over 6500 readers...it amazes me to see where all the readers come from. To think people from Russia to Australia are reading my blog....is amazing...my thank you to each who stop by for a visit. Look around to my past posts for some of the kalamities or creations...and after this crazy month of travels is over.I will be back in the swing of more creations for the shop....

Happy Fall!!!!!it's here my favorite time of year

 I love falls grey blue skies, a hint of the cold winds of winter....but not yet
 I like wild water, and high mountain passes and last winter snows, that hang around way up here
 I like low valley rushing water and the sound of water over the boulders 
 I like the way the sun shines on the prairie grasses, and the play of color on sage brush
 I like early fall, the green that is still around, with the promise of color to come
 But what I love the most is the color of yellow gold that show up in the fall, So happy fall and get those pumpkins out, October is around the corner. How will you welcome Fall.

All these pictures,are from my last 8 days on the road, I went home to see family and my old friend the mountains of So.Dakota and Wyoming


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Beautiful photos... what a gorgeous trip! :)

Bliss said...

All the photos from both posts are beautiful. Hope the puppies are behaving!