Thursday, January 31, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a Dumpster Dive chair and Big Dogs Rule! 
So what do all these words have in common?

You see big dogs,when eating should not bend all the way to the floor so thus I started making these  chairs and this is chair number 5,finding old solid wood chairs tossed to the curb. Playing with neutral paint tones enables the chair to fit into any household. I use the Big Dog Rules line on each chair for fun...if people want I will place the dogs name on the bracer bar across the top, for my own dog..it would say Thor, the wonder dog...my own German Shepherd....this is a small frame chair so it will not take a lot of space,where ever used....So what big dogs do you love?
Can I say this is not a great picture. My back room has been the off load spot for all the work we have been doing in our living room...you will see pics down the road.

Back to the dogs folks......Say hi to Lucy and Linus, LOL names for this guy and gal,I call them the Polar Bears, I dare you to hurt a hair on one of my grand kids.They are sweet and they think their lap dogs...but they love their kids and they handle tons of abuse from them and take every roll. These two are a perfect example of a big dog and why a dog chair is great, solid and hold up to their feeding. I use Annie Sloan chalk paint because it is so hardy, with the wax finish just wipe it off....I place a layer of Velcro in the hole and it that helps secure the bowl in place...

I want to say thank you to each of the over 11,000 folks who have stopped by and so sorry I have not done any posts since the start of the month. Between the work on the living room and a terrible case of the flu that became pneumonia I have been out of blog land posting....so now time to get back into the swing of clearing my corners of all the projects that have been sitting waiting for some type of kalamity....


Bliss said...

Every pampered pooch should have their own decorated bowl holder.


Beja {Howdy-Honey.com} said...

OH MY goodness! I love your doggie cuties. They look like long-haired versions of yellow labs. I have a yellow lab named Sparks. I bet they would be friends!

Your newest follower!