Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ugly Chairs Make Over, yes a little Annie Sloan Paint and Wax plus redo of the fabric and well.....da daa....you have chairs  that are pretty!!! update!!! yes so pretty that they sold once I walked into the building to take upstairs. I went upstairs to think where will I put and O MY" I found out upstairs will close. So I will be moving downstairs. The owners have a great idea for upstairs,so down the steps my stuff will come, I will be a busy girl! 

 Getting ready to load them up and this is 3 of the 4 chairs.Two side chairs and 2 head chairs. Painted in Duck Egg Blue and then waxed with a ASCP dark wax.

 The Duck Egg was too blue and the Dark Wax over the blue changes the shade to a soft green toned blue which works with the material, So you want to see UGLY.I mean seriously these chairs were UGLY but the lines spoke to me...

Seriously Ugly,some stuff from the 60's are cool, but this yellow not so much. So  I opted for blues because a calm pretty tone. Two vendors in our location do the shappy creamy whites so I do my furniture in other color tones and even it it is creamy I do something different. So I found the fabric on sale, for 7.00 a yd. I had plans of doing the backs too....but

 This fabric, I should have done the chairs first then buy fabric, cause the design made it tough. To make everything flow right you loose a lot of the fabric. The back I thought I would cover and had even figured out how,but making the fabric all fit with the design and I will be honest. These chairs a bit of a pain, who out their does'nt get tired of all those rungs,The front and back plus top to bottom I gave two coats and then the wax all over then sanding for the right look....I got tired of all the steps and the thought of more stapling and fitting....I just decided I need to move on.....Has anyone else said enough!

So do you like the fabric and paint tones together...I hope someone else will
loaded to head to the store tomorrow...first pieces in a whole month.

OK it is not something to show off...but it is a somthing to haul my trash to treasure finds,yes the chairs we're headed to out over full landfills. I was able to put all the chairs in and the 2nd row still room to sit. Love my new Flex and it has a name. I know some of you out their have pickups...but my hub drives to pickup and we still needed a road trip car.I needed room for a full dresser when I find one(and I have) plus when taking care of my grandkids...so this is my new ride. Her name is the Enterprise.because she is one smart car. 
SO we took her on a road trip.

Pretty cast iron all around the porch I love architecture!

So do you like architecture,and history. Some of these buildings can almost talk, and these homes are all within one block of each other. This is just what I needed after almost a month of flu,to Pneumonia and then a infection within the skin of my face....slow coming back. So sorry for no posting...I have lots to redo and share with you so thanks to the over 12,000 who have stopped by and a few more followers...so sweet and again Thank You!

A couple more pics of Galveston, and the food Yummy!

 Good nite blog friends hope you like some of the pics, entice you to visit Galveston, sign off with a pretty door from the church.


Caren with a C said...

Love the duck egg blue color and the new fabric on the chairs. That yellow definetly was an eye sore.

crafting to stay sane said...

Love how the chairs turned out!

Bliss said...

Good example of trash to treasure for sure!


Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

The chairs are beautiful. And so is Galveston. I noticed a goose in your header with sheet music. Did you decoupage it on?

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I see it's a swan.