Thursday, February 28, 2013

I should have called my blog,Paint in my Hair but Kat's Kalamities is what it is, and during this dresser redo their we're a few Kalamities and paint in my hair.

 I am a vintage 30's to 40's waterfall dresser I had water stains on top,lots of scratches and a spots where the veneer was torn off...yeap of course if you were some where in your 80's you may have a few wrinkles and age spots. This gal,deserved a makeover and a 2nd chance. So I gave her one. I played with three colors,ASCPOld Ochre,ASCP CoCo and a little CeCe Caldwell Kansas Wheat(love this color tone) I used a dry brush to create a blended look. Then clear wax and lots of sanding .A little dark wax very lite touch and a little more sanding. Then guess what I did, I  painted the inside and the side rails of all the drawers.

Yeap the handles said red,So I painted the inside and side rails with ASCP Emperor's Silk, this really is a rich color tone. I like a surprise when they open the drawers.Plus nice and clean for their items. The drawer pulls  were very fun,love the art deco style. So what did I do next well...she was kind of plain. 

Ok don't you just love the set up I did, Ok LOL that is the paint cloth,and the lighting be honest is kinda well bad, the wind was crazy the day I finished this or should I say finished.So  in my room,I had found a pretty drawer line roll. It hit me this would look cool on something,so I bought it. Because their was a little red in the postage stamps and the drawer pulls. When I painted the drawers and then distressed the edges, I let a little red show. The decopage I did in layers.I layered and used a matt ModPodge. Once I got the look I wanted I used a little dry paint of Old Ochre over to soften the look. I did this top to bottom.

 I love all the details, and yes I did clean those handles. I really am happy with the blending.The script was I think add lots of fun details to  what could have been a plain Jane, Now I think I have a new name for her...lets think?

Janett'e and she has a saucy interior.Dressed to impress with french touches.
So what do you think, pretty gal I will call Janett'e and she has a little treat so you will remember her.

I had picked up these scrap books but I will be honest I am not good at scrapping I thought this would be great for a crafter too...so open her up and she had some books for you...heading to Moore and Garrett tomorrow.Then driving back home to get a mirror I did,Pictures to come. She will 250.oo and I do a 20%off 

PS start planning for Marta and Friends in April...lots of fun 

 Remember all the fun stuff I created for Marta and Friends and we're in the country and the blue bonnets bloom in spring....check out Crafty Marta's Room and she facebooks info on the show.Looking forward to Spring.....by for now and tell me what you think of my dresser Janett'e


Bliss said...

She looks mahhhvelous.


Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

The dresser turned out fabulous! Love the extra added touch of painting the red on the inside~such a nice surprise.

Petticoat Junktion said...

I love the waterfall dresser makeover. I also love your blog name :-). thanks for visiting Petticoat Junktion

Anonymous said...

That waterfall dresser makeover is top notch! Loving it!

Poppy said...

Hi Kathryn,

Are those gorgeous flowers from your garden??! Pure paradise!

Poppy :)