Monday, April 29, 2013

Not your Grandma's highchair? Pantone's Emerald 

 Ok I am not your normal Grandma either,yes I have grand kids and I would be happy to have anyone of them use this. But they all are way past highchairs....I like color and I like bold. I love shades of turquoise and greens!! Their are a couple of blogs that I need to put on my sidebar and a face book page where they do nothing but....Turquoise!!! now don't laugh to much as I show you all the stages this highchair went through....so what is your opinion?
I used several colors on this but the final is Pantone Emerald,suppose to be the color of the year, I added and played with some Craft paints in a copper tone. Looking to get a patina of copper that has patina. I like the color and I have a bench I would consider painting in this tone for my own home. So want to see how this all started. I let furniture talk to me,telling me what they want to be. Call me crazy( Willie Happy 80th Birthday) I will take crazy. But this highchair was not a piece I wanted. Thus trouble in what to do. I have a friend who has a sister who bought a place AS IS and inherited a lot of stuff. Some good some not so good....So I bought some of what she needed to clear...so take a look

Yeap a brown paint say 60"s this is a older style but you tell me when. Stage one was a white paint. ASCP was great for covering all the brown.You can see this is stage one, after cleaning,sanding and fixing leg and resetting the tray...yes got to love helping other folks stuff. 

yes working late and not a great pic...get real this is how it goes...so now all white some would say OK but not me....I like fun stuff not just paint it white....of what I see so much of .

OK now I am CeCe Calwell Kentucky mint that I  like but can't figure out what it really looks good on...and then a stencil and though bet they would use for plaints and such...but once I started said to myself this looks cheesy...yea amateur hour the stencil OK but the flower not so much. SO?

I took some of my embossed wall paper ant cut and fit it to the tray. This has been painted and then touched with accent for the look I was going for. I used Mod Podge heavy seal twice so it can withstand clean up if used for it's intended reason. But also I see this on a porch with plants in the seat and on the tray....maybe even hanging of it....

I have to say this is a pretty little highchair. Great turns and legs and curves. I hope some one  decides her little girl needs this one. Emeralds are for a Princess and this would be fit for a 
Princess, or Empress or she has been sealed,fixed all nails resest ready for her next home. I am thinking 60.00 for solid wood ....what say you????

OK spring who is ready...this is my sign

OK Jazzy has been flirting for a week or so...but had not bloomed until yesterday....this plant started as a 3qtr pot....and now O 15 years later we have Jazzy who gave the folks that did out siding and the guys who put up new gutters....a head ache cause she is one big girl

If I could ship you how she smells think Jasmine,waifing across the fields....she is a star Jasmine. She stays green year round in our Central Texas and each she puts out new vine...the brighter green in new and underneath is a dry vine that supports her weight...I would say she is on the way to Obese...but I still love her....but we have to pull her back and wrap again..of our house would be covered...LOL
PS do you like my new camera...better pics I think....Happy Spring to all and leave me some comments on what you think...I need to redo my blog...got some ideas.......?

I want some ideas on my blog redo...I won't flip my lid. I just don't want to start and go through 4 or more redo's like this highchair.....plus if you find some makeover,refresh,re purpose fairy's send them my way cause this is just a little of what I still have to paint and recreate...Crazy yeah I am!
Yes stacked in the corner...and 15 frames in the rafters and 4 shutters outside and a small chest off to the side and two big pieces in my garage...and more sitting outside my door to the deck...I need Samantha from Bewitched who remembers that...PS that tray I going to stick on top of a TV tray so it spins for a garden lazy Susan....Crazy is right., By for now lets see what Kalamities I can find....


Suzan Sweatman said...

WOW that was a lot of changes - and I think I loved everyone of them!!!
The embossed wall paper was brilliant ( but will that hold up with constant wiping down? )
Your life is as crazy as mine, seriously!

Erica said...

im loven that Emerald color on the highchair and the tray with the embossed paper is brilliant! You always have such great ideas. can't wait to see what you come up with next. PS if you get some good tips on blog redo's feel free to share with me cause I defiently need some help in that area!

Bliss said...

I like it in the color of the year!

Poppy said...

Hi Kathryn,

So nice to meet you! Like Suzan, I, too, love all your colours, but have to agree, that your final choice with the embossing effect is quite innovative!

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Hi! Its so nice to meet you, I don't think we have met.lol
I noticed your comment on a friend we have in common, so I came for a visit, thats a beautiful job on the high chair! Love that color, I joined your blog, maybe I could spread the word, I enjoy meeting new blogs, best wishes from Canada and I wish you could ship the smell of that Jasmine too! We are way way behind you , spring has just come for us,

Joy McKillip said...

Love the color! I just painted one myself, but nothing that gorgeous.

Town and Country Gals said...

saw your comment on one of my friend's blogs and came to visit. Love your creativity, that high chair is gorgeous! I think your blog looks good but if you feel the need for change, go for it. I understand where you're coming from about getting followers. I had the same problem. A blogger friend told me I needed to join parties and follow others. It worked but it was a lot of work, almost like a job! I still "party" but have become "unobessed", slowed down my posting and am getting back to tthe fun of it.
I'm your newest follower, will be back, would love for you to visit me.

Patti-Ann said...

I think your work is lovely and imaginative. I also think you should find someone to do your blog posts for you. The blog is very difficult to read.

Alvin said...

This is cool!