Monday, May 20, 2013

Knee deep in Paint! So if on my knees,I will say a prayer for Oklahoma tonight.Today while painting in my little room where I am blessed with a TV to keep me company.I Saw the first reports and watched what I knew as going to be a very bad day. Nature was hard on Oklahoma Today not happy but sad and heart wrenching. Hard to do a post with a happy light heart.Let me  show you first some great places. DO you know where Gruene is?my Sis was here!Yipee and we went to the hill county.My sis and I live far away from each and this was special. I am in Central Texas and she is in Wyoming.We both have states full of beauty and she shows me her' loves and it was my turn. We hit lots of the hill country and these a few pics. I love trees !!! 

 This is a fun spot in Gruene and they have the coolest chimes you can play Amazing Grace on these. Hanging in this magnificent live Oak. Both Kim and I loved these,I need to  win the lottery and  I will buy her one or two...one for her and one for me....great day and lots of shops...fun!
 This is a really cool spot to visit. Gruene has the oldest music hall, never has shut down. If floors could talk..some day I will come back and show more pics...love the floors. Plus  all the pictures,lots of history. They have a great line up for this spring summer..would love to come back
 I said big trees and back to this spot because I want one of those chimes...this shop was so fun.
 OK I will jump around we hit Wimberly too...love these rock picnic tables and I love rocks big time and trees. They go big...the Cypress are massive along the creek in Wimberly. Magical you expect a fairy to jump out. We walked along the creek deeper into the woods...no fairy's darn
 I love old architecture and Gruene is blessed with lots of wonderful old building. Great road trip
 Now I did say big tree's right. You feel like you are in a story line with magical trees
 Ok below you see the old Grist Mill that was the start of Gruene,and boy did we have a great lunch. The Mill had several fires but they have turned it in to a great place for a meal. You can look down on the creek. Lots of outdoors areas to eat...Deserts O my heavens...huge!!!!
 So fun to stay here. How fun to wake up to so much history.Historical Bed and Breakfast, and then go here live down the street to the Hall...for live music and next door the Grist Mill to eat...
 Is it open yet? please we got here early,Yeah they are  opening the doors...we did go in and had a brew or two...love my sis....we have had a brew at the No 10 in Deadwood and the oldest bar in Wyoming. Maybe that will be my bucket list...all the oldest bars and music halls...LOL
So what else would you like to see....how about some plants I played with. We have deer, way to many deer in our area and they eat pretties. It is hard to plant anything they won't try...so I added color via. Chairs, cushions and some paint...and yea fake flowers but they add color and the deer can't eat them....lol if you want...yes peak into the kitchen. I do have a metal German Shepherd door stop and a prism window that throws rainbows in my house. Thanks Mom and Dad
 What to do with this,hmmm I saw this cool thing in Gruene so you can stack pots. OK let me try
 Yeap I did it,paint thank you ASCP and then some fun little plants and with a I can do....I did...
 I spray painted a little table that was so sad,and plant stand...my Grace is taking a nap on one  of the pads. They were a lucky find...I had picked the paint colors before I found these...a chippy shutter add vintage fun...the wicker table was blah beige...now happy Turquoise. 
Yippee!! my beige deck,has color!!Turquoise,grass vivid green and chocolate...so deer eat paint. I have color on my deck....plans for the deck down the road...See you on my next post and thank you each for checking in on me . Sorry for my lapse...life busy....but for those who come back a huge Thank you, Your comments make me so happy and brighten my day...

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