Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is my go to paint...I know it is expensive..but I can paint so many items with one quart...and I love not having to sand and prep...So much of what I do are tough pieces in sad sad shape...no one loves them...so I try to find a way to bring them back...with a touch of fun.

Meet my I love Junk ....a fun shelve unit with a pot of blooms,and a storage unit for all those flea market magazines we love to go back to...and a lil paint brush...hey I did say fun...I >3junk!
 So my thought is for a great vintage lover.Kitchen or hobby room..even bedroom if red is your love.The pot of blooms are a mix of handmade paper flowers...cupcakes liners with buttons.I added burlap and some silk for a great mix...I added burlap to the pot..with a heart for junk 
 I decided to use a grain sack idea with the stripes. This adds punch to plain shelf's. These started out a golden oak look that is so stale...I liked the dowels and thought it had vintage charm. 
 Close up on how the red added a lot of punch. Emporers Silk with dark wax. I used dark wax with the stripes too...The inside of storage box has embossed wall paper on the bottom ..I like this box so versital...magazine or on top of a table with an arrangment...PS Graphic Fairy is the the best!
 Do you like the distressed treatment...OK Ochre all over first. Then Green tape, I wear as a bracelet don't you. Then coco then red stripes...break out the dark wax. Sand for streaks. I love details..and sanding and bringing out the lines and color tones used,they add to the vintage charm
 OK this looks way to white...this is not white it is Old Ochre distinctly more neutral compared to old white which is more yellowed...Dark wax use sparingly goes a long way. I did the whole item with clear wax once done...and then buffed and buffed. I did some more distressing,OK done.
Close up on the details.I used a old music sheet and then printed a graphic onto the sheet. I cut the design out and then Modpodged. I used dark wax to age. I like the imperfect look. 

I hope you like my" I love Junk look"...and you can stop by anytime and help me get all the projects I have in my little sun room that has become my work room finished. THANK YOU for stopping by my posts have been a little few and far between.Your visits make my day and your comments help to kick me in gear to find another Kalamitie and see what I can come up with.

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Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I was scrolling through a few of your older posts and this one caught my eye because I'm working on a similar piece. Mine is much more rustic/industrial and I'm "trying" to turn it into a lemonade stand for our grandkids.....by tomorrow! I love the way you transformed your shelf!