Thursday, March 22, 2012

The day is arriving for Marta and Friends and if your are a lover of .....Creamy Whites,the Romantic look seen in so many magazines today,then you want to shop Marta's Room as it truly is a Jewel in the country. The blue bonnets are blooming and the weather is going to be spring perfect. Thank you rain this past weekend,Lake Belton is Full and looking beautiful. Their is so much to enjoy on your way to and from this special event.The trucks we're rolling in all day bring so much good stuff. I hope I sell some stuff as I may be buying some. Their is over 35 vendors and all types for every collector out their. So are you looking for furniture,many styles from ready to use or some needing a lil TLC. We have pieces to use in remodel or repurpose ideas,like doors/shutters/windows the list goes on. Tomorrow I will take more pics,Darn battery died on me today. Plus Marta's internet service went down yesterday after she had taken pictures to post. We hope you enjoy the show for those who come and those in Central Texas don't miss this one. PS the Wedding Cake I showed you on my Blog has sold already to a fellow vendor and special orders for more versions. I'll show you as I complete them,my hands are going to be busy and hopes for no more burned finger tips-watch out when using that glue gun.

PS -Please stop by Moore and Garrett Antique Mall after your trip to the show for more great collectibles,fine antique's and so much more within this 90 vendor location. This shows work in progress Marta and I worked so hard and starting last Monday  time to clear the porch,start setting up all the looks to love. The weather we worked around and now the shop is ready along with the Porch and grounds. This is just a lil taste of what we have for you. See you in the country this Friday and Saturday. Please leave comments so I can reply and thank you for your input on making my Blog successful

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MyChampagneTaste said...

Oh my Oh my...you have some great stuff ...I wish you could enlarge the pictures so we can see all these amazing treasures