Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Ya'lll, So if you are from Texas,that is perfect. I sometimes slip an say it. I love Texas whats not to love,it's so Big. If you are in Central Texas,like us then 2.5 hours to Dallas area,Houston area or San Antonio...it is a big state.Have yu every driven from Cental Texas to Colorado,it is a long trip on it' own to get out of Texas. But I want to stay here and have for over 36 years. But I can say Youuuss Guys just as easy,I am a midwest girl to start,and home is still kinda ....Do yu know where Mt Rushmore is? and do you know what the name of the state means...I will tell yu down the road. For those that read my Blog,would love your comments and following. I am working to make it a success and all is learning in progress. PS Marta sold so many items,yu should check out her SHOP! Plus take a PIC of the Blue Bonnetts.

 Paint brush,a pretty orange and the contrast with Blue Bonnettso so pretty!!!!!!!!

See I told you, very pretty when mixed together and if yu travel the back roads of Central TX. you will find so many pictures .....So go smell a rose,or in our case a wild flower.Thank you to the wild flowers,they really can make your day better......

 Pretty sunset,over Lake Belton and yes down 9ft.last summer,Now they are running lots of water out and down to south Texas,as it is really full.

 Love the colors,and the lake was like glass so smooth after rain yesterday. Makes you want to get one the lake and take a ride....

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Lisa said...

Hi Kat,
Love your blog. I've never been to Lake Belton, we camp a lot & maybe we need to explore your area. I'm a Texan by marriage. Passing thru 20 years ago, met my husband and the rest is history. We're North by DFW. We did our obligatory kids in the bluebonnets pic last weekend. The wildflowers are amazing right now. Guess last years drought & all the rain are leading to a beautiful spring.
Have a happy Easter.