Monday, March 12, 2012

This is the start of my posting and building my Blog, O'my this is all new to me. Many years in the retail world, having done a long listing of events,seminars,telecasts,training manuls ect. you get it. But now being self employed ,opens other avenues and wanting to be successful in this challenge I have been inspires by so many of you in Blogland.So baby steps in building my post. I plead for patience with my initial steps and remember I remind you I am a terrible speller. P.S. I will give credit to my inspirations and please accept my thanks.

Take a look at some of my recent creations for the upcoming Marta and Friends

That's my grandmother clock in the background,boy does it have a fun story. From a church in Woonsocket,So.Dak. they we're going to toss her. O cry,but Dad saved her and she traveled across the state in a box usually used for a coffin. Dad cleaned her up and yes she still ticks and keeps time,but the ticking is very loud. So I don't always keep her wound up.She reminds me of many happy family trips and will stay in the family forever....She may have to make another trip someday.
This started out as a basic paper-mache swan. I just had to make it prettier...so out come's the Mod Podge,and tea water. I do a all overr decopage using vintage music sheets. Then a little folding of paper for wings and the tail. She had to have a garland to highlight that beautiful swooping neck. Then a little crafting paint in champayne rubbed in with ModPocge to give her a luster to swoon over.
This is a short example of my paper garlands,or swags. I make these double and triple in length.Then use burlap ribbon that has wired edges for shaping( I find the burlap ribbon only at Michaels)

This is a box that started out 60's green,now ascp CoCo and Old White with a fun Graphic,depicting French Chocolates,the inside is Burlap wraped over foam board so you can pin to the inside and use for keeping notes, I fun box for your treasures and that might be your chocolate to go to box.
This is a wedding cake I did all in paper. The body of the cake is a vintage 60's world book dictionary. I have to dig through blog land because I have seen a example on a smaller scale.NOW...  How to,first expect you will spend a lot of time on this creation depending on how big you make your cake. This is the first one I ever attempted and I went for go Big or go home. I started with removing the cover but retain your spine of the book you are working with. Now cut a thickness of the book careful to retain the spine again. The tall center section is the full height of the book. I then rolled each sheet fully to the center and hot glued each sheet,working around the book to create a circular shape. I used a brush of tea and coffee to add staining to the paper. Next I cut another section of the book and then cut that down to create a smaller layer to the cake,I used the same method but folded to the center and then folded again and glued. The botton section I used a papermache hat box so I would have a level surface to build from. This layer of the cake I decopaged completly then along the side,I rolled individual sheets of the dictionary and created a rolled cake look. Then comes the Pretty stuff using ribbon and handmade coffee filter roses,and cupcake liners and again lots of tea staining,adding pearls ect. The other touch's are the vintage doily's, my grandmother was creative in her own time always crocheting and making pretty's. I tea stained one and left the other in crisp white.So now you have a brief low down on how to make one. I placed the cake on a vintage silver platter and now it will make a great presentation for a wedding buisness,or a vintage wedding event. 


Through The Garden Gate said...

Love.....your cake!!! My Hubby had a similar calamity!! Thanks for your Sweet words! xoxo, Pam

craftymarta said...

Katherine, i love your intro, isn't amazing how God can change and turn things around for us? You probably noticed I didn't post a picture of you among my vendors. well, I only have one of the two of us and it was ...well u would have not like it. I told you I hate picture taking. More than anybody else YOU were so instrumental in the hole thing happening. I don't have a way to thank u enough. I also enjoy having Matthew around. I love linus, I want him too. Anyway, I will see you later.