Friday, June 29, 2012

Leibster .......Thank you and why does blogspot.sometimes go wacky....I am going to leave this until tomorrow when I can redo...I need to tell my picks the good news and then redo this post over and get the columns in line and not wacky. Kalamities is that what I said....and my effort to make each highlighted urls so  click and go...each of these people will be added to my side bar too...so you can follow along. Again
my humble pie that I messed up on the columns..Thank you and will be back tomorrow and redo this...mistakes are how we learn, I just don't like messing up in such a public way...but move forward.
Keep on and up...



✯StaceyAnne✯@Rendition Road said...

Thanks so much for the award Kat! It has been wonderful 'meeting' you & seeing all the amazing projects you do. I will be doing my post tonight. take care!

Vintage Resurrections said...

Really love how you incorporate clock images on this piece.

Anonymous said...

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