Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mark your Calendars Now!MARTA & FRIENDS

OK so do you want to know how to get their, suggest use your GPS if you have other wise...

Now how about some pictures from last springs...show....we have to date over 30 Vendors...and Three food vendor to keep you Happy...and here are some pics from last Springs Show !

Yes we are in the County, I always refer to Marta's Room, as a little treasure box in the country...so no BlueBonnetts in November...but lots of fresh air and country vibe...to enjoy the treasures.......

Example of what you can find from Gatherings in Georgetown TX. Stephanie has a great shop!

 Do you love wicker and pretty cottage charm. The paper garland you see on the porch...ME
I love Rowena's creativity, Now this is spring...expect fall and Christmas to be the theme for many of the looks, Do you like Warrington, Canton and the looks you see..well we try to best to give you a little taste...Marta has a Dream and I am joining her, some day we want FM 439 to be a fun spot...twice a year...with vintage, Junk, repurpose and much more....up and down the road.

 More fun stuff from some of the wonderful vendors, Easter was a theme...so think Thanksgiving
 I love these pattern boards, and think they would be so cool in a dressing room,for a vendor
 This classic pantry was perfect,with flour sifter and all! Moore & Garrett ....Sold
 Most of the Truq tones and  blues ,were mine...everything you see SOLD
 Lots of Music sheets,lots of hot glue, burnt fingers, and lots of hours..all of this yeap it is me! Will I repeat, Yes some of the look but more Holiday ...with all my family travels I am behind...and I need to get down and bizy....so If you don't here from me for a while...my fingers have been sizzzled and I am trying to finish...all my projects...I have 100 yrds of burlap coming...what would I be thinking ...yu will have to come and see......

 Marta, O boy has she been the paint queen...I wonder if she will paint a chair again...who knows?
You get a paint sprayer in her hand and you might get sprayed....LOL Everything SOLD
Yeap this ocean Turquoise, with map details..I did this one...and yeap SOLD

 This little corner unit can still be found at Marta's Room...I think I might paint the interior...
Minnow buckets...well yeap see the one on a wrought iron base...it is a light...the other hangs and again both have lights....who makes a minnow bucket into a lamp....ME and all SOLD

 Marta and some of her treasures...the basket sold, the desk sold, the luggage sold...SOLD
 Marta found this garden set...all SOLD....what will she find for holiday, and HOME...
Lamp Ruffled shade,Wedding cake from a Dictionary...and lots of Coffee Filters.Heart wreaths...and lots of frames...All sold and I am the one who does all the paper fun at Moore and Garrett in Down town Belton....I guess I am the crazy one ....glutten for punishment

 Inside Marta's shop, everything you see....SOLD...but she has found a lot more...to treat you

Yeap if you have stuck with me this long...we will have lots of fun stuff...these are example of what we have to show you...and this is just some of my stuff and Marta and some fellow Vendors....We will have Rusty,Doors, Windows, stuff to repo...and stuff repo'd  and lots of pretty....

I hope to see you at MARTA & FRIENDS. You can check out more info at Crafty Marta For the Love of Junk. Marta's blog is on my side bar...Their will lots to look at and two days to check  it all out.....so how about a drive across the lake .....about 15 minutes down the road from Marta's



Bliss said...

Ummmm Kat........ I pinned the map dresser. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!


Mia said...

Kat, I can't wait to come and see all the goodies! Thanks for posting all the info!

Vel Criste said...

sigh... wish I were closer! What a lot of eye candy! Love, love, love - I am writing a post on antiquing, at a not so professional level, and I am so loving your pics and finds! Thanks for taking us along Kat!:-)

20 North Ora said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! So many cute and interesting things.


Marta Ramos said...

Thank you Kat for a WONDERFUL post about the show last year and for promoting the next one. It is going to be great and so looking forward to work alongside you my friend. Tell Matt thank you for the ads in Craiglist, he did a great job. Blessings.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Hi Kat,
I absolutely LOVE these kinds of shows! Hope it's a big success!

Jaybird said...

Well how fun!!! A sale that is actually in my area! I have you on my calendar, and will be looking forward to seeing you there!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I'd like to belly-up to that cute bar!