Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paint or not to paint, some things are such true antiques with years of patina!
Welcome fall with the color of real wood, beautiful years of use and care creating a wonderful patina in mahogony. What can I say hey, I am a red head so I guess this color I could not touch.  She is a perfectly perfect little desk and chair. For a true antique as she is over 65! and looking pretty good.

65 years of age is the factual number for qualifying as a true antique. I know her at least 65 years old, and  very few wrinkles and no gray hair. She is still has her original color of rich mahogoney (why is my spell checker not working...I know that is wrong) you get the point...she is solid too top to bottom and inside and out and front to back, you don't see that as often until you get to true antiques...and her chair is the same age and needed no help standing up straight..pretty lines...I like the simple with a little detail. 

Got to love those pulls, and the curved drawers. I told you she is a beauty!

Pretty fabric, I love the antiqued tone against the duck egg blue look

I did update the chair,and I think she looks really sharp with her new seat.I like the accent of the color with the patina of the wood. This would be perfect for a small den,or in bedroom.Perfect size for a laptop, or as  a nightstand. 

Fall in Central Texas, the Mimosa is starting to shed. My Dad bought this tree when we moved into this house, it was the size or your wrist. Today she is pretty big for a Mimosa. Hard to imagine we have been in our house here for over 20 years...and his little desk has served us for 38 years or our live and previously my Hubbys Dad...we just no longer have need for her and with inheritance from family we are furniture heavy in our little house. So time for her to find a new home, I hope they love her as much as we have...she is a grand little lady...ready to be adopted into a new home.

Mink bolster style pillow, OK this is a mink stole that had not sold, So I made a mink pillow, in a bolster style. Add a little burlap. Then make up some fabric rosettes. Contrast with burlap and velveteen rosettes. Pearls for centers..and a little satin ....CAN I say I wish this had been done in sun shine, as the pic comes out a little faded compared to the rich tones of mink.

I can see this on a bed with lots of other pillows. Pretty ivory pillows...and a few velvet.....what would you team with this.....Bolster look, I would say she is a bit of a Opulent pillow with a little casual, and a touch of vintage chic.Now I may be pricing her a little high...but I have look'd at mink pillows on line...and fake are 75.00 so real and double the size....my firm price...80.00
do you think too high.....

so until next time, thanks for the visit and hope to see you again soon, I have a garage full of projects, do you want to come help I feel a little over welm'd

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Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I have struggled many times with painting old furniture - but this piece is just beautiful as it is! And I love your clever pillow - what a great idea! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box!

Bliss said...

Yes I agree, no gray hair on her so why dye?


Vel Criste said...

I love old furniture too especially the one you just showed, I would not paint a piece like this, perfect the way it is, hope it does find a new home. The pillow is perfect for fall, I think you price is just right. :-)

Tammy Killough said...

I found my way over from Deja Vue Designs! I Love your site....and I'm so glad you liked my door canopy! I hope you get a chance to make one!! =)

sweetvintageofmine said...

VERY NICE DESK and Chair! Wouldn't do a thing to it~~~too pretty as she sits! Have a wonderful, blessed week! Roxie