Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painting with a mix,Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Behr blue plus left overs

 OK guys, this is keep it real, real as in> it's late in the day, picture. Real as my camera decided to battery die,holding power less and less. Pictures in my work room and she ain't purtty (sp on purpose) this is where I create and it is not gorgemegusssy like some bloggers work room, but it works for me. I hope this will sell, I wanted to use up some of the expensive material I had from the table and chair make over. Since I had paint, I had the material and I had some big hunks of foam. We replaced our Air bed,and the bottom section is a thick cut of foam. So I am saying this is a Piece done out of left overs.
Yeap even the little tray is a leftover of my own,I wanted a tray to set on this coffee table turned into a ottoman of sorts. So It can be used for a drink or what ever....So I played with paint and pulled this tray together for a pretty and fun look( O yeah if you had seen the before, bla rusty wicker with a wood base. The vase was a give away to me, by a fellow vendor,here you do something with this. The necklace I had at the shop but it had been played with, so I fixed the jump ring. Now wearable again really a pretty piece for someone who loves nature as in sea shells. This is from Hawaii 1973, so a fun vintage look.My Mom loved the Ocean and she loved good costume Jewelry. This is a piece from a trip she and my Dad took to the big Island. ......

 I love adding bows to trays so a burlap bow and a little graphic from where else then but Karen at The Graphic Fairy. I had this one left over from a previous project so again pulling out of left over stash. The vase I filled with left over shells and colored glass I used in making a Shell Mirror,March post.
O  do you see the little Hummingbird she is  tied to a saquara(sp) piece that I found in Arizona.Amazing how a cactus can turn into a wood look. So a vase full of pretty's. The Tray I added a Love much and Laugh often using the peal and stick letters, for stenciling. This was some more leftovers from a dresser in July post.
Ok the paint cloth is back, can you believe she just came out of the dryer all clean,  at least as clean as she will ever be with all that paint... Now you see some of the legs. I didn't distress still thinking that out....I used ASCP old white then the blue by Behr(paints like silk over ASCP) so to distress or not to distress. This was your classic golden Oak 80's coffee table...I picked it up from Michele at Moore and Garrett,it was in the back storage so I bought her a pair of boots she wanted (Turquoise riders ) and I took the coffee table home... I had this material leftover from the table and chairs I did, it was pric'y so I thought maybe I could get some of my money out it doing a large over sized Ottoman. I SEWED I really did it,I used my sewing machine for the first time!

I showed my Hubby,Here is Mr Kalamities coment, Well Kat that only took a year and a half for you to break it out, last week you sewed by hand all the piping trim....was it really that hard to use the machine...well yes Mr Kalamitie I had to get help getting all the thread going the right way. Kat are you going to use it again or will it be another year and half. Mr K. I just don't know,but I do have some or the Carnival fabric...I need to make a pillow...

See I added piping to hide the staple, I wanted to show off the wood trim..I had too little fabric,for what my original idea was. One of these days I will do a Ottoman with my idea( I  want a square and do it using a tufted method.) So the tray will be sold with the Ottoman and maybe the folks who bought my table when they finish paying the layaway will buy this too..Ok I need to go check my camera's battery. I hope it will work, cause I don't like the date code on my blog pics...Only thing I want on my pics is a water mark...maybe I will learn...how to do that when I am on vacation. 

So I leave you with my thanks to those of you, who take the time to comment. I have a no Robot free comment,and if you use your URL I try to respond in kind and To those that have recently followed me, I try always to respond in kind. I thank you all for your patience with my &&^)*)*(_)( spelling  

See you when I finish my next project....got to empty the garage.Thanks for putting up with the pics, and my back room...keep'en it real

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