Friday, August 17, 2012

PAINTING and Playing with color, starting with     tones of aqua and adding Oui' la la carnival punch

Ta-da...showing off my latest using Ombre' tones of aqua..Ombre' is the same color story in tones of light to dark.  I love Aqua, Turquoise, Robin egg blue, Peacock bright, Azure soft, Cerulean fresh. All happy feel good colors.

So what do you think, pretty colors...I will be honest the color tones really are more distinct in person, The fabric is called Oui'LaLa Carnival...seriously check out a Hancock store...Oui La La

The little Night stand had a make over that did not sell? so I did a Do Over.  Since Miss Moody Blue sold so well and I still had the paints...why not, so out came the paints. The chair is one of three found by the side of the road and 2 have arms and this one, no arms...so I am breaking the set up, this chair has a nice wide seat for tossing clothes on at the end of the day,or sitting down to put on your shoes. The head board is for a single twin with pretty lines. All these pieces have lots of detail, in their lines and fun to do, using the different tones. Then when you add Dark Wax the color changes and adds a subtle shine

 Close up on the headboard, the fabric is a rich mix of colors, and a person could use a variety of colors in the bedding.  I have to say I have good taste  this was not cheap fabric even with 40% off and I have to say, I am a little proud of myself...I did this all by myself, I looked up some how too's but I am better at learning by doing. I did the trim myself too..this is honest, I am so alergic to sewing machines. I did the trim piping and sewed it by hand. Bought a sewing machine and yet to use it. Making a promise to myself learn how to sew.
Because I have some of this fabric left over and if it does not sell real fast,like Miss Moody Blue, I am going to do Pillows,to sell with the comforter. 

She has pretty lines,and the trim enhances the curves. The little crowning trim is pretty and was broken off. So wood glue and Thanks Mark,some nails fixed that problem. Mark and Laurie have a booth at Moore & Garrett, they really find great stuff. He gave me an A for my first attempt with this style of work. 

 This little night stand, I used 5 different shades over the previous Paris Gray. The Annie Sloan paint makes a good base for non chalk paints.When you are painting over  a shiny surface. The base is painted in ocean slumber,the top is tropical oasis,the body is gone fishing,top drawer is sea sparkle the lightest,the second drawer is fresh basin a deeper tone and the other colors each are darker, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint then over all the tones except the sides and interiors which I also painted. The handles I painted Ocean Slumber then a little brown and  then sanded to a aged look...yeap those are my price tags in bright green, my standard antiques and vintage the original green.

Ok the chair was a free find, but I canceled out some of the savings with my fabric lovin designer look...But I think she is a pretty girl now. I love all the cuts and details on the chunky legs and back brace. Again used all the color tones. Lighter on top and darker on the bottom. Used the stronger colors on the side rails to frame the look.  I used the same method, painted antique white- then the aqua's- then the wax-then distressed by sanding= a strong look, the chair was covered using the same Oui La La Carnival fabric. I did add some more cushion for someone's tush.....I like to make chairs ready for the home so I added few feet to the chair feet, slides better then the flat wood feet.

 Ready for her close up, love those chunky details, and the fabric has a stiched style with  really strong colors, and would look great  with so many colors. I picked it because of all the color tones and their are lots of blues tones. 

What did this stuff look like in the beginning,before their makeover, do over

 Ok I snapped this in the middle, if you look at previous posts you will catch this headboard and the chair sitting in the garage with all the other stuff . The head board here is showing the old white ...Annie Sloan is great for those who hate prep work, I fall into this group. I want to get to the funstuff not sanding
Hey,don't look at my backside,  o yeah I wanted you to see the back side of the fabric, sometimes better then the front...so when looking at fabric look at both sides...this one would have worked if I wanted really really strong color, but more aqua on the front...I am getting ready to cut the size of material I need.

What back here to what I did, Ok I have been chatty enough.Past posts show the chair in her so sad look and again a March post shows the nightstand, it sat at the store for close to 5 month in Paris Gray so she is the do over. Do you ever haul it back home for a do over...yeap I have and often my second visions make the difference. Now lets talk plants and stuff...this is a really sunny corner at this time of day but at other  times really shady, under my Mimosa tree.My Dad bought this tree, when we first bought this house out in the country that was 20 plus years ago...and you can see our back lot and all the railroad ties for a marker...it helps with heavy rains and the rock wall is around all the plants that  deer will not eat......Today's temp. 103

OK! she is at the store now and I set her up with a unit price, I really want her to sell as a trio and If the person who bought Miss Moody blue comes in she would find her sisters. Tomorrow is Market Days in Downtown Belton  area check it out and starts at 9 AM  on Central and their is a Farmers Market too, So bye for now- 

         and those that have left comments, a huge shout out!  THANK YOU
         and to those who  are my newest follower's THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!


Bliss said...

These turned out great!


Sooner Laura said...

LOVE THOSE BLUES! And the fabric is fantastic. How fun!

Danielle @ Antique Recreation said...

Wow! These are fabulous! Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, I'm so glad you found me and that I'm your 51st follower!

Debbiedoo's said...

GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. I want that chair:)

Kathy Moody said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful! Your newest follower from the Newbie party! My bird picture I made would look great on that night stand!! LOL

Comeca Jones said...

Gorgeous set redo!!

Laura @ Our Prairie Home said...

I love these! Fabulous colors! I wish I had the guts to tackle upholstering a headboard! Looks fantastic!! Great job!