Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paint -paint-Paint O to the Rescue!!!

Seriously what would you do with this mess, I mean really? a little chest that someone had done up as a little boys dresser with Dino sorry tracks. 2 drawers really fit nicely but one flat does not...and an extra front...as if their was one missing and a drawer from something else....Really now what can I do. I have always had this Persistence trait...a Boss I had once said you just do not give up, Nope we can.........and this case make it Pretty,or at least usable. So Lets get a little paint and imagination and see what we can do with Dino, HMMMMMMM

OK I made it in to a what ever you want dresser...especially with a college student in mind...A little of this and a little of that, wha laaa . A dresser for a little big  of this and that....

OK the drawer that would not fit,this is what I did, Put your sunglasses on today was a Texas August hot day. The inside of the area I used some cool damask's paper and Mod Podge....then I cut a piece of pressed wood to fit. Then you find some material you have...let's save money. I had done a chair with this graphic and I had some left....so I wrapped the cut piece with this fabric and stapled...then slid it into place. The whole body of the little dresser was painted first with ASCP old white, then a Glidden paint in a deep eggplant. Looks black and deep shade of purple. I used ASCP dark wax over the whole piece,causing a deeper tone. Hey it covered the Dinosaurs. 

Ok I spotted a little tear,on the paper in the corner....oops this was fixed and all the paper was given another coat of Mod Podge. Now you see TX on this side...lets look look at the whole piece.

 I used the Subway Art idea, a little funkier then my last attempt...but kinda College fun. Central Texas where we live has several Colleges. We sit on I35 you want a crazy ride. Drive Waco through Temple past Belton, through Georgetown,then Round Rock and Austin city limits....some times 2 hours some times.....4 just depends on the traffic....some day the I35 will be done in this area...until then, It can be a wild ride.. 
 The drawer that did not fit, is now a shelf. You can hang on the wall or set on the dresser. The interior is a chalkboard. I had a old leather cell case, now this holds chalk...Little frame for pretty and can tuck a pic inside. ASCP paints on leather really well. Plus able to write on the paint too. 
The drawers I lined with wallpaper on the bottom. I used the embossed paper.  The shelf unit is great with these little caddies. IKEA yes, I had these and thought a perfect fit. So I used some of the scrap book paper in the insert. I had some fun peal and stick to mark for stuff. Then one of then I did for jewelry and tossed a few pieces of old hippie look costume jewelry inside. 

So what will the buyer of this get, A couple of drawers for their stuff,  a shelf with caddies for small stuff...a shelf to write notes in that can be used as a shelf for books..some fun jewelry...I put feet on this so it sits up a little and the bottom shows off better...

The purple Lantana is in bloom....one plant the deer will not eat...

So I think paint came to the rescue and this is a fun little piece,that will be perfect in a teen room, a college dorm and very useful too. COMPARE to the top  picture what do you think. A little of this and little of that....and whaa La
we have a make over and Dino is now a fossil. 

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again, I love my followers and read each comment and respond. Thanks again and see you on my next project....the garage needs to be cleaned out....Whooo who want to come and help......I'm tired thinking of it.

For all of you with kids starting school. Have a great year and a SAFE year. Follow those Bus rules....with care. ( Husband in charge of all the transportation in TISD...lots of kids on those buses)


Bliss said...

That turned out cute Kat. Dresser and drawer both.


suzyq said...

It turned out wonderful!!! Love it

Debbiedoo's said...

This is so cool Kat! Glad you shared it withe the newbie party. Thank you.

TheMoonAndMe said...

Nice save! Much better than those dinos. I used to live in Temple...so I chuckled when I saw it included. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me at Whimsy by the Sea!
Love this little dresser that you did. Love your vision. It turned out looking like something in a Pottery Barn catalog. Or maybe Restoration Hardware. No one would guess it was hiding Dino. Dino begone! :-)

Dear Emmeline said...

so cute! love this!