Friday, August 10, 2012

Painting in Blue, shades of blue,lots of blue,so calling her MOODY BLUES
so do you know why I mixed colors. I did a Ombre' effect,Shades of colors.

I love how different light,causes the color's to react differently..This is a quick post...before the Hub gets home with his new pickup....Does any other Blog gal notice how our Blog Hubby's lobe their pickups...Almost as much as us...cause how would we get all this fun stuff home with out our pickups....so just saying..
Having reading several home magazines, one made a big point on color, and how the largest percent of readers,and designes go blue in the bedroom...I say'd Kat paint her blue....but what shade...so I did OMBRE......I picked color that was just a lil shade different. Each one is in a shade of ocean turq/blue.
So don't you just love paint clothes...I just picked up a new one,but I am going to use it for some chairs I have (RoadTrash Free) The paint cloth looks like a abstract painting.....but this was fast......I have a little more work, I need to get casters..I want her on wheels...so the pretty bottom will show off with more punch. I also need some very fine sand paper.The dark wax, I love how it creates drama with the blue shades.But the flate sides need to be toned down a little..I really had fun with each color tone ..The dresser has 5 drawers in total. I painted each drawer a different color...I will come back to the colors in detail..This started in that honey oak look...that we all are so over.
I painted Annie Sloan Old White first. This was perfect for the distressing and for adhering to the shining finish..I sanded but I hate sanding,so using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint saved me so much work.
Even though I am playing in other colors and Brands, I still love Annie for a Base and for the quality of contact with veneers and shiny surfaces.

 I love the details on this Craig list fine..She is solid wood and was made in Ark. The company is Branded into the side..The hardware I decided to use the original,great patina very dark ...Just had to replace one missing knob. I had to do a little wood work, one drawer had split,another the sliders had pulled off...so you know the routine...Glue and clamps...I really am happy with the look. I think the Name Moody Blue is perfect. Am I giving away my age... 

I think I am going to have to invest in a new camera down the road.Even with using photo shop improving....my Sony Cypershop is good...but the color in this is so rich. I would have did these outside but she is a heavy girl. So my back room where I have my work room....Wish as pretty as some I see in blog land...but it is mine and I have fresh air and natural light...so when I do pastels..the natural light is great...O yeah I never has said, I am a fair artist.

I love pastels....you can blend and the array of colors is amazing....so many shades to play with...I think that is why I like playing with color in painting furniture too.....So Do you want to see what she looked like in the beginning.

 The top just before I hit it with ANNIE's old white.and the side you see honey oak But so solid and this will be a great piece for some one...

 See how deep this drawer is, such great storage. Below some of the other stuff to make pretty....As I have said I have lots of projects...lots of projects...

So do you remember any of the songs the band MOODY BLUE'S did, I sold all the old albums we had. I framed the Moody Blues and sold them framed to a college student...I hope she comes back. This dresser would be so perfect. 
Their music was so diverse...kind like this lil piece.....

                                    So till next time, Here's to you finding a piece and saving her 
                                    from a sad outcome...If you want more info for how I did this 
                                    finish. Leave me a comment.....Kalamities to Contentment


Anonymous said...

So I am totally digging the Moody Blues themed dresser... I love blue and the ombré effect on this is just fabulous! Great job - Susan

suzyq said...

What a beautiful Job Kat! Amazing one of a kind piece - loving it

Bliss said...

Sure looks better than before when it was just Moody.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Hee hee on Bliss' comment! Looks fabulous - love the ombre!

thistlewoodfarm said...

What an amazing transformation! I love the blue and the little bit of distressing!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!