Monday, June 4, 2012

I love the look of my Blog, so what do you think?  leave me a comment and tell me.  The overall look has been improved via Karen Valentine.  She is a wiz at the steps to making a Blog look more professional. I am happy with the layout and feel it represents me with more personality. I still have lots to improve,and learn....Pictures bigger and better, watching my famous poor spelling if not paying attention. Making sure I use preview to verify my margin's. Yeap lots to learn....

But I have to Brag on Karen Valentine, she took the time to listen and then the chops to know how and what to do. She designed the new header line with the pictures of some of my creations and pictures  that I sent her.  She cleaned up the side bar and created the great green tones I wanted,but added a vintage look with the soft graphics.  Her followup with emails and questions was professional and showed true interest in my wishes. I highly recommend her and if you like me are new to the game and want  to get moving forward faster then your abilities she can help you out too. 
She also has a great book on many steps to building a better blog. It is easy to understand and know I will be using some of it's great tips. 

How to participate in Linky parties and then host one myself and learn those steps. I know what I want, I just need to learn the hows.....My Link Party idea will be Memory Monday ,that is my plan.
I have the general idea down. What is one of your more special items,a found treasure,family heirloom or something you made...everyone of us has at least one item they treasure. So this is the idea, I am working on...when I get my act together ,I'll roll it out. So again leave me comments,suggestions,ideas. Love to hear from you.

OK now it's time for a few shots of some items I have taken to the shop without taking pic's
I love the shades of Turquoise that ASCP provides. Provance and Duck Egg both are beautiful and mix wonderfully....The shelf I showed in a previous post sold fast,as well as a little night stand I did and sold before I got a picture. The table I painted in Old White sold in one day of taking to the store. I need to make sure I get the pictures done. So here is some shades of Turq.

I had fun with these accessory pieces, I picked up at a garage sale in sad shape but I am always amazed at what paint can do to up upscale a piece. I added graphics from Karen at the Graphic Fairy she has the most amazing graphics...so with a little printing,cutting and distressing I added a travel idea to these  pieces. The bigger pieces sell fast in this color but as of yet not the accessory items. I have reduced the price's This little frame is only 5.00 the two spots can pop out and someone can insert their own pic.  The 123 caddy is stenciling that I distressed.Fun for bills or something more fun. The frames are great for a inspiration board or putting order to all those TO DO notes.....I love this color and think it is so happy. and  fresh. 

 So tell me what have you painted in Turquoise lately and do you love ASCP like me?
 Now a little crafting with June wedding's   as a idea, I did some roses using cupcake holders. Tea stained and toasted in the oven to distress to a vintage color tone. Making the roses is one way to get those rosebud vases to sell. I love the mix of Burlap with the paper.
 This is a selection of the keepsake box,using vintage music sheets. Also the wreath is perfect as a gift for a first year Anniversary. Year 1 Paper...perfect. The Swan up top you have seen, I just dropped the price.I think great for a vintage wedding table. The Pillow is raw silk and perfect for the ring bearer..the ring can be tied to the pillow I used one of our old doors from our Kitchen remodel. A great chalkboard perfect to announce dates or note to do's. This one actually reverses to Turq on the back for spring ToDo's
 This is a pretty shot of these items displayed on a rich euro piece,don't you love those beveled mirrors. The rich patina of this true antique from France. Lovely lines and I am always amazed at the crafting that was done in the past and has lasted for so many years. This is a great sideboard do you Luv it
This piece is on the main floor at Moore & Garrett downtown Belton TX

This is another Piece of wonderful craftmanship.The patina is so rich and perfect for your mansion. A perfect wardrobe to use on your special day the veil is ready for you. Open the door and you can check yourself out in the mirror's on the sides. Again this piece is located at Moore and Garrett Antique Mall located in Belton Tx. 


Rachel VanHook said...

I love the "new" look of your blog! I know it's really hard getting started....just keep posting lot's of photos and do what you love. It will grow with time....I'm still figuring it out too...someone told me to remove the little box where people have to type the words they see to make a comment because it discourages people from commenting to go through all the extra steps. And to make sure that I have my email address in my profile. The other thing I discovered is that the titles of my posts matter. When people are searching the internet they type in certain phrases or words and if you title your posts that way your blog will pop up more often. Look at your "stats" in the design section of your blog and see what people are looking at....it's helpful!!!! Sorry if this in information you already know--just wanted to share what has helped me....

Bliss said...

Every thing is looking good. I have that paisley fabric on a couch ~ same print, different shades.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Karen is a lovely lady and a true talent. I really enjoyed meeting her at Paper Cowgirls!

Mia said...

I totally love your new look! How can I employ her for my blog?
And the tuquoise is awesome. I wished I could come and buy something from your shop soon...I have my grand babies for the summer with me and they keep me pretty busy.