Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pricing a piece. Your time! Your efforts! Your Creativity!Your Inspirations! Your individual stamp!  I have to say, a little trouble with posting...would not let me continue down the page. 
But I thought,this gave me an opportunity to address a issue, I struggle with. Am I underselling myself...to make things move...or am I impatient....would love to here your point of view.Comment! 

 I took this in the backyard,on our picnic table. My hubby made the table. Love power tools. So do you like this little blue pot and the flowers,I used silk flowers picked up from Wally world.But I added my own twist,some gingam, red check cupcake sleeves. I played and created flowers and added blue buttons. I just can't not play and see what else I can create to make it prettierr. Is that a word. This is the shot showing the seat and a close up of the details.Do you like! as much as I
 Ok! you can make cheap flowers look pretty,just take the time. SO what do you think. How much should I charge for this. Do you have a hard time with setting prices. I know MMS did a piece on pricing. In my area,I have to go lower. It can be frustrating when the time and effort,plus a creative twist....should get a higher rate...but so be it. I think this will be a package piece,fair$$
The chair is really a old jem, lot's of personality. The paint pots each 11.99 but I still have some left to use on something else, so say 5.00 used.  The green tape yes I bought, because I was out .So I will say 1.00 Then their is the cost of the star package, 2.47. The cupcake packet,again did not use all of the sleeves. So I will say 1.25 used. The buttons found in the sale bi-,1.00. The USA was 2.50 but again just a portion used...1.00. The burlap is 14.99 a roll and this was just a little so...1.00 Now the silk plants we're 1.00 a piece and I used three so 3.00.   this is a total of 18.25 and that is a rough adding in my head. This is just the cost for the supplies- not the pot nor the chair....So fair is $50.00 and I do, a 20% discount this equates to 40.00 . I think a fair price but I will probably do 38.00 as it will sell better. So what do you net, less supply cost and item value....10.00 and then the chair really belongs to a neighbor who wanted to sell this really bad shape piece...I get 30% so 7.00 if my net....I must love to make pretty stuff. Because this is not a way to make money....Ok in writing this, I Am sticking to my guns....42.00 will be my bottom price...and if not sold by July 2,then I will go down....sometimes a girl just has to say, I deserve more for my Creative efforts...how about you...do you find yourself in the same pickle.

I want to say thank you,to those who have recently become a follower of my Blogs. I really say thanks to those who post a comment and join a follower. It means a great deal to me and I say
                                                           THANK YOU,FOR ALL COMMENTS


Full Circle Creations said...

Your chair is very cute. As far as the pricing, I'm really not sure what to tell you. I generally price accordingly but I do uncut the price on some small items, knowing that the big items will cover it. Good luck. Thanks for linking up to the All Star Block Party.


Mia said...

Cute, Cute and Cute! I love the vibrant colors you chose!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your LIEBSTER AWARD!!! You deserve it.... you are an awesome gal... and a great blogger friend...
And you know I love your rehabs....


Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust said...

Hi Kathryn, I just love your darling patriotic flowers. Thanks for sharing on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust!

Warmly, Michelle

Bliss said...

Looking good!