Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Sample Pots....love and amazed....how far this paint goes...

Took a little time off,with Hubby,,,,my friend and Hubby for now 38 years....and still will say,I Do we are high school honeys and have been a couple for 42 years....We went to Corpus Christie for a Bday-Anniversary and Promo for my Hubby...lots to celebrate.I had lots of fun! until I went 20 miles out,on the ocean from Port A...I am not a ocean person when the waves are 4-6 ft rolling rolls...Made it out fine,but oops moved when the boat was still moving and hit my head...stupid me....and then a Migrane set in with a case of sea sick....O how I paid for all this...But my honey did catch fish, lots! and we will have a red snapper fish fry one of these days....He felt so bad for me....But I was happy, he had this experience .If I spelled anything wrong....oops I type like I talk,fast and in a hurry...So if spell check could correct ,it would be marvyyy.....see that is spelled wrong too.....OK now you know where I have been.....the Texas coast around S. Padre,Corpus and Port A. ALL fun And lots to do.

OK I am going to say- if you have never checked out Annie's Chalk Paint then one way to do it,is a  paint sample pot...love these....can I say love these...Now where I bought these, the price was 11.99 I thought great I can try other colors and see how they work....If you live in Central Texas,then Drive up to Waco and you can buy at Jute's in Spice Village...no payment for this plug...these are just the facts.  This is just plain fun for Texas lovin folks...some old planks cut and placed on a cross board. I then used my Jigg and cut around, for the shape of Texas. I always say if you pick up the toe of Texas and roll it up at the panhandle, you are almost in North Dakota....or out of the  country. This hangs in one of my Oaks in the back yard now....Not selling this fun one...love it

Now this little chair, I should have shown a before pic....I will learn to do this. SO you can see the efforts I put into saving stuff,that some people don't get...This one will be great on a front porch. With July coming up perfect....But for a USA lovin home,and with Ft Hood so close..A Troops loving  House....this is perfect...I could even put on my own front entry....My youngest was a Marine... But a early Happy 4rth.....or Happy we live in the great USA.....

 The backyard. So many bloggers are taking their pics in their yard. This is Texas and water is precious...wish I had a mid-west yard,like I remember...but this is what we have ...and I do love rocks...so this little chair was in really tough shape...I fixed it once and  painted a yard green,but did not sell.  So thought try these colors and see what you can do. I Did more repair and then painted with pots of colors...Aubusson blue..will buy a quart of this! really pretty and I am not a blue person. The top rails I did in Emperor's Silk  a rich red same,I have a old TV unit. Inside red and outside a Black. The white is Pure White. I used a little dark wax ,allover to seal...Then the green tape came out... to line up the stripes. I find green tape is the best for no bleeding. 
 I hit a store and found some foam stars,they held up to painting around ...to create the star's. I used a couple of the painted star's and hot glued them to the chair. A little sandpaper made for a perfectly great little chair for a front porch. Now here in Central Texas,where I sell my stuff. We have in our Downtown Belton a great 4rth of July parade,plus a PCRA fair and rodeo. I think this will be perfect on the front porch of any home! All summer from Memorial day to Labor Day. 
Accessories are fun during the holidays...so I thought, I have a pot doing nothing. So  what can I add....what would I want on my porch. How about a pot of flowers to sit on the chair. Yeah fun. 

The close up shows how the seat looks on a close up...plus the little pot I did,to add for a great look. This was a Hunter green speckled water pot. I used the Aubusson blue all over. Then  with some odd's and ends that have a USA motive. I added some silk flowers and made some paper flowers from Cupcake sleeves with buttons for the center.I used a little burlap for a ribbon.  


Bliss said...

How cute is that! I have to take a picture tomorrow of last weeks garage sale chair. Looks like the same one as yours.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Great projects and I LOVE your Texas shaped star!! I've got to get Pinnin' and make one of these for Canada Day. Alberta may not be as cool a shape as Texas, but I'm going to give it a try! Thanks much for the inspiration! :)

mississippi artist said...

This is so cute! Great for use on several holidays or just for a fun accent.

Anonymous said...

I'm am dying to try the chalk paint.. thanks for the encouragement....

Thank you for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!