Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...some more painting

One quart..so how much can it paint...few examples. Old White 1 Qrt. painted. One free standing floor mirror...minus mirror. One shelve unit cubby style. One dresser. One really old rocker. A dog feeding chair.....Yes I did all of this with one quart. Now I will say I used a little water in the mix at times. I also used some CoCo a lil mixed with the old white,but not with every piece. A lil left.

 Big Dogs Rule...this is the third one of these chairs I have created. We live in a house with a big dog and my son has Two reallllly big Dogs...the little pup Linus, posted towards the bottom. He is not so Little anymore...Great White Pyrenne's and I have a German Shepard...yes I need to post a picture of this Menegerie...But lets talk chairs. This is a good solid vintage chair.White mixed with  Co Co stronger on the COCO,and then a wash on top of the old white..and the stripping is old white. A little Black Chalk Board paint..You can put your Dogs name on this one..The bowl is secure with a ring of velcro so no wobble,when you Big Dog is eating...A dog paw tells you what this is for...Each one has been a little different...but the basic concept is vintage fun for a Pup.
 This is a fun Piece,some times your pieces are not perfect so what to do...think out of the box. I do it all the time may be I live outside the box. This is a free standing mirror that lost the mirror. So now I am a fun chalkboard on both sides,secret notes to yourself on the back like charting your weight.The Front can be your To Do or use for a party.Menu or event for a season...useful and fun

This is way fun a little cubby that was a green you know the one Hunter green so how many pieces, do you find in this dated color...I changed this to a Old White and a hotel motive. I used fun graphics from the Graffic's  Fairy using London and Paris fonts and some old clock faces,plus hung some fun keys with twine...a bell at the top for check in and out. This hangs on the wall and can hold all your fun stuff from your wanderings. 

 This one uses, a lil coco and heavy distressing...I did a paint wash right over the decopag'ed graphics .Mod- Podge is great for really adhering these prints

This is a fun piece and so useful,I have done three of these all a different color

This dresser was found in really tough shape..the top was falling apart. Everything was apart,mirror yes but separate and drawers falling apart. So with lots of TLC the bones we're repaired. I started painting and then when came time to distress, I found under a 70's antiqued effect. This wow milk paint in a green tone. This was a great discovery so I got out the palm sander and went to town. Finding this on the top,the backing and mirror. Plus the knobs. I lined the inside with embossed wall paper..and painted inside and the sides of the drawers. This overall look is so cottage chic. plus a solid beveled mirror. The items on top are more of some of my inherited items. 

 Beveled mirror is solid and really in good shape,I love the carved detail on the mirror posts. 
This is a good angle to show off the drawers and the knobs. I really think this will be perfect in  a cottage bedroom,The base was hit with a 2nd  coat and a lil of a wash to add more lightness. 

This is a old really  old 5 slat rocker with a rush seat..I did a dry brush on the seat too. This was grandpa's and since he was born 1880's and married 1912
rockers can be tricky to sell,but when emotions is tied in takes a lil longer

Don't you love those rock walls,upstairs at Moore and Garrett you can really see the age of the building. Also the wide planks are original this building is over a 100 ....fun to be upstairs where you can really see it. Distressing brought out all the details...but all the rungs on this one o my,Did I miss that spot ....

 This is a fun piece a little cupcake,all in vintage paper, I used a small round paper mache box and a cup for the angle.I did folds and lots of hot glue....I has a little message board for a love note. Opened shows how I padded the inside. The whole look is a mix of paper,satin and ribbons with a little tea for staining. Ring box.

Some fun letters for a sign,spell out what you want and for a party announcement or name of a event. These letters are fun and can be a added to a party table scape...use in a wedding...endless

 So what do you think,lots of fun stuff and 

Thank you for stopping by,lots of fun and creative mixes...in all these creations. From previous posts....sold the heart box,and shell mirror...compliments on the painting....hope you like. Please leave comments and tell me what you like


sweetvintageofmine said...

Hello Kathryn! Thanks for visiting my blog and I have to say I LOVE your creativity and Beautiful pieces! I think the stand-up mirror...now stand-up chalkboard is FABULOUS! I'll have to keep my eye out for something like this! In these tough times, it's actually FUN to recycle (old things are JUST PLAIN BETTER). It was nice hearing your story being in the mountains and those items(like a glider) so sentimental! I have become a follower.......From one sweetie to another....Roxie

craftymarta said...

Hey my friend, I miss u. We should definitely plan a girl gone junking weekend. Everything looks so beautiful. i'm planning on doing Moore's this evening, maybe I see u there. Hugs, Marta.

Through The Garden Gate said...

Wow!! Your creative mind has been running!! Great stuff.......Thanks for your visits to my blog and for your appreciated kind words! Keep having fun with your creative mind and remember BE TRUE TO YOU!! XoxOx, Pam

Mia said...


I am glad to know you...you are a very latented and beautiful lady!