Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT ROCKS.....if you have never painted a vintage piece nor tried to cover a veneer. Let me tell you to trust this paint. If you do not like prep-work,lots of pre-sanding, messy strippers...then this is the paint for you....everybody in blogland of vintage,junk gypsies,salvage queens and a few off the road pickups...have saved a piece an brought it back to a beauty. So don't be afraid just start painting....and Annie Sloan chalk paint can be found in Central Texas at Jutes in Spice Village,Waco TX. So stay with me and let me show you a few that I have painted and the why I did what I did. I

 Do you love this look,this piece sold fast. Easy to understand. The color is rich but neutral and by saving the top and giving it a good sanding and easy staining of dark oak, I brought back the beauty. The top was all scratched up,water stained and paint splatters. The bottom broken and not secured. The front of the drawers had carved in names. Missing hardware and the bottoms of the drawers broken...So some work on all her problems and she was again in tip top shape. I did not paint the trim work around the drawers. The body of this pretty girl was painted in Chautea Grey, a sage tone green.  
This shows the details from the side, you can see how the paint was distressed by sanding and bringing out the details. I did 2 coats of the paint and then a clear wax. Both Annie Sloan products. If I had used a dark wax it would have deepen'd  to a dramatic deeper green. The hardware was oiled darker and this shot was taken before I did  the top two replacement handles. 
  This shot shows the drawers after, I painted the sides too,so a clean look when open, the drawers are painted Duck Egg Blue a happy fresh color-tone. I then used embossed wall paper and lined the drawers this fixed some of the aged rough surface problems. The wall paper was hit with the paint brush for a dry wash effect. A pretty tin ceiling design to stick with this grand lady. She is a official Antique as over 65 years..and to be considered Antique that is how old something needs to be...Lucky me I have not hit that mark yet.....
Ok so now you see how she started out,broken drawers,messed up top ect.
So do you think she looks better now with some elbow work and paint. I do
and so will her new home. Not sure what they will use her for but I know she will be a happy addition to their home, she is on her 2nd  life with a Makeover

Here are so more ideas of how to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in bluetone's
 This turquoise is called Provance and is a rich color that will brighten up any piece you use it on. This old lady was a reddish orange vaneeeeerrrr with some broken side pieces. She had lost her mirror too to a bad move. Glad I was not part of those 7 yrs bad luck. I painted her 2 coats. No prep at all. Then I sanded to bring out some details and highlight with contrast. She had kept her cool drawer pulls. A bake-lite style in funky orange tone. This is chalk paint so I wrote its a small world on the backboard . I had a mirror that was missing its frame so I married this to the framework..I looked and thought it did remind me of the world. So I got some of my maps and tore up sections and then dug out the MOD Podge in Matt finish. This circle's the mirror plus I used sections down the sides, which nicely covered some tougher spots. The drawers again I finished off outside and in. I put new feet on her so she doesn't scratch her new home...I do the drawers and feet now on all my pieces, I save. I think a nice touch to saying I'm ready to move into your house with a care touch.
 This little nightstand has not sold like the two above pieces but the right glam girl will show up and she will say take me home. Now she is not as old but is vintage and solid' no crap particle board here. I used Paris grey and a silver hobby paint for a glamour touch. I think she is pretty in blue and will find her home soon. But if not I will paint over the silver and soften the look. It is easy to do with Annie Sloan paint as it covers so well. 
Now this shows how if your working on a big piece or little this paint goes on and on...The one quart usually will paint a large piece like a wardrobe then a nightstand and a headboard. Plus a frame...if you don't have to do 2 coats.
This mirror I used Provance mixed with Old White to soften to a paleTurq.Blue tone. I then hot Glued..(Hot glue gun *(*&^&(*) another post.Don't you just love those burned fingers. But I think the frame is pretty with all the sea shells and would look good around another print of a family beach scene. The glassware is a fun mix and old books are great for giving you height and dimension to a display. DO yu catch what those minnow Buckets are....I turned them into light fixtures.One is attached to a old lamp base and the other is set up to hang. The one on the base sold the other nope,may have to  find another base...

 I hope I explained why so many of us love this paint and are willing to spend the dollars(36-38) depending where you purchase. Carters Cottage is also a online blog that sells..and has a good followup, I have purchase with them too. One of my next paints to play with will me Milk paint. I have some of Miss Mustard Seed Paint sample's that I will be receiving and using in the future. So more fun to come in Paint,and what ever else I use to save on a sad old lady and do a extreme makeover and bring her beauty back with a smile

If your have read to the bottom of this, thanks for sticking with me on my BLAH BLAH BLAH ...I really appreciate your time and  thank you for any comments . Email if you have a question and I will get back to you.

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Beautiful job! I think I'm one of the only bloggers who hasn't tried ASCP but one of these days...when I can find an online source with everything in stock! Thanks for sharing!